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The TopDown Engine is the most complete top-down solution for Unity.

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Introducing the TopDown Engine from the creators of the acclaimed Corgi Engine. Hands down this is the best top-down action engine on the market to date, for unity at least! Weather you are brand new to Unity or are a full fledged dev, this game engine is going to be quite interesting to you indeed.

The TopDown engine offers users: Clean code, good coding practices, awesome optimizations and strong foundations to build on. This game engine is suitable for both 2D and 3D top-down style games. One of the most exciting things about this game engine is that it’s quite fast and easy to setup on both desktop and mobile, making this quite popular. Let’s just say it’s packed full of features with even a multiplayer option! It’s the best tool on the market to create top-down 2D/ 3D games that look and feel good!

Why should I download and Use Top Down Engine?

Look we get it, you might be asking this question as you are new to creating games with unity. With the use of game engines you can create so much more and at a much quicker rate. There are so many shortcuts you can take than going down the traditonal route of games design.

Of course we want you to learn how to make games but we also don’t want to stifle your creativity. So if you want to just make games straight away with little knowledge. A full free game engine is the best route for you to go down. There are so many features that are ready for you to play around with. It also helps you decide if a certain mechanic is right for your game. What better way to find this out than actually playing it.

Don’t believe us well why not check out this video on how well this game engine works.

See? now do you understand why you should download the topdown engine for unity? makes, making games that little bit more easier 😊

Some of the Key Features of the TopDown Engine

If you are interested in getting Unity’s Topdown engine for free then you are going to want to know some of they key features of the engine.

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Character Controller

Completely built in character controller, there is no need to faff around with variables, movement styles and conflicts this game engine has it all. Collision detection, moving, jumping, combat, grid based control, weapons, all forms of movement including crawling and much more. Once you download top down engine for free your going to see that it also comes with a list of demos, you can try these demos to gain a basic understanding of what the game engine can achieve. It’s worth while to note that Top Down engine also comes with a complete documentation making it easy to understand and easy to edit for your own needs. So if a top-down style if your thing, you are going to want to get this game engine.

Immersive Experience

This unity package comes with branded ‘MoreMountains’ feedback system, that is built into the engine. This adds optional extras like screen shakes, freeze frames, custom particle system, and much more to make the game feel more immersive with just a simple click, what’s not to like? Less work for you right?

Jam Packed with Great Content

Downloading our free TopDown Engine Unity Package comes packed full with content. Not just demo levels with a large amount of examples  for you to play around with, but it also has handcrafted assets like art, player models and 300+ optimized scripts ready for you to jump right in and play around with. You can even use pre built models!

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Struggling to Create an Inventory System well struggle no more

This version of Top down engine also contains and inventory engine that gives you the developer a complete inventory management system. This makes it possible for you to create your own inventory to include items like collectibles, equipment, ammo etc. You can customize all aspects of this system too. Looking for icons for you RPG style game with this game engine try out 4000 icons pack.

High Quality AI System That Allows You To Create Complex AI

If you are looking for custom AI, custom boss fights, friendly AI, patrols, waiting systems, combat then you are going to want to try this out. It even has basic decision making based on set variables. You can edit this via the inspector you don’t need to code any of it making this great for beginners. An I system similar to basic AI.

Built in Camera Controller

If you have heard of Unity’s Cinemachine then your going to love this, top down engines camera controller is built on top of it with a large amount of extra options included, think of camera shake and post effects, all adding to the overall feel of the game.

Struggling to create levels on your new game, then struggle no more with Top Down Engine

We know how hard it can be for people to create levels, heck some people just hate it and would prefer something already setup so they can add on top of it. Well this is where top down engine comes into play with our free download of top down engine you can create moving platforms, destructible objects, built in key systems for chests and doors and much more. Also included an achievement system, progress management, load and save features and such.

Multiplayer Ready

That’s right, we heard a lot of people asking for a multiplayer game engine, well top down engine has you covered for this. It supports local multiplayer it even has two demos included so you can test them out! They have their own sets of rules, camera setups and combat systems for you to work on top of.

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With a large list of visual asset extras you have plenty of things to play around with for your 2D/3D Topdown game. This really is noob friendly but also great for experienced users with unity, due to the vast amount of customization that can be achieved using this game engine. All of this has been heavily documents and everything has been coded a specific way to make it simple to customize. We are not saying all of this is simple and easy to achieve, you will need to do some work, hence the documentation. But let’s say it’s the most user friendly engine on the market. So if you are new to creating games with unity we would recommend this to anyone. If you would like to download Top Down engine for free then click the link below and most importantly enjoy!

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Note: The files are for learning purpose or to test before buying. NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

Notification: We hope you have enjoyed The Free download of TopDown Engine, if everything is going great for you and you are in a great place creating games then why not check out the original developer. We suggest you purchase the full version to tip the development team on the great work they have done on this product. We are getfreeunityassets and we help aspiring game developers, but we do this as we know being at the bottom is hard work and we have very little funds, but once success kicks in we should help those that helped us! So please be sure to help the dev team out.

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