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Little Heroes Mega Pack – Free Download

Download Little Heroes Mega Pack Free Unity

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How to download Little Heroes Mega Pack free


Introducing Little Heroes Mega Pack, this unity pack is a modular character pack taken from the Mega Toon series. The characters found in this pack are low poly, making them easy to rig and render. You customize them as to how you want with the tool provided. Mix and match each character with custom hair styles, outfits, accessories and even weapons!

Like many new aspiring game designers, the common problem that arises is that you are limited to your skill set. This is why it’s normally a preferred method to out source some aspects of your game. This is where 3D model packs can be of great use. In this case we have The little heroes mega pack that allows you to create your own custom characters too!


Little Heroes Mega Pack customization menu


The Little Heroes Mega Pack Free Download Contains the following items:

  • Demo Scenes – so you can try out the content straight away, no need to wait.
  • Custom Characters – With over 94 Customized Character Prefabs you will have no problem creating the perfect character for your game.
  • Hair – 36 unique styles to choose from and you can use the colour wheel to alter the colour of each style.
  • Animations – Each character is rigged to be a humanoid, there is a large selection of pre made rigs already included in this package. Here is a short list: Relax, walk, run, melee, jump, clapping, crying,  cast spells, fly, specialised weapons attacks and many, many more!
  • Costume Prefabs (premade outfits for characters) – 671 female costumes and 752 male costumes. Plenty to chose from!
  • Accessories Prefabs – There is plenty of custom accessories to choose from like Beards, crowns, hats, helmets, wings, horns, faces ,masks are just to name a few of the items you can choose from.
  • Need Weapons too? With 100’s of weapons and weapon appearances their is plenty of customization found within this package. Think of axes, clubs, swords, shields, daggers, wands etc
  • Unity Particles are also included in this package.


unity free download of Little Heroes Mega Pack


So as you can see there is 100’s of customization options within this mega package. So if you are currently struggling to obtain game characters for your game, look no further because this download has what you need!


You can download the Little Heroes Mega Pack for free as a non commercial licence you can check out the download below

download Little Heroes Mega Pack FREE Unity Model Kit Pack


Little Heroes Mega Pack download for unity assets

Nulled Little Heroes Mega Pack FREE Unity Model Kit Pack

if the above link does not work try here.


We hope you enjoy this complete model pack and it has created some awesome characters for you to enjoy. We would love for you to show us your completed work using this pack! Why not check out One of our other assets here!

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