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Create Destructible Environments With RayFire

Rayfire full free download for unity how to guide

So you can make basic games, you have the basic UI all figured out. Well how about destructible environments? This is where the Rayfire Plugin comes into play. This plugin allows you to demolish or slive 3d objects at runtime, again and again and again. You can even pre-shatter them into pieces via the edit mode. So if you want to add carnage and destruction to your game then the Rayfire Plugin download is what you are going to want.

This plugin can be wise within a wide range of game types. One of the more common forms would be a first person shooter style game that would allow you to destroy your environment. But did you know you can also make RTS games that have destructive elements? you are only limited by your own imagination.

Simulation Control

The Rayfire plugin provides the user with an advanced dynamic simulation control over objects within your game. This allows you to activate shards and pieces when you want. Perfect for shooting targets, explosions, environmental variables like wind. You can also record these simulations and place them to go off at run time. All done via this handy plugin

If you are looking to make AAA games then Rayfire twinned with an optimazation plugin like HBAO would be a good choice to have.

Feature Breakdown of the Rayfire Plugin

bring destruction to your unity game

Here you can find a full breakdown of this brilliant unity plugin:

  • Simulation Types: Simulation types are effected via gravity. This is the type of object you are going to want to move in your game. You can have them as either, Dynamic, sleeping, inactive or kinematic. Some objects you might want them placed on triggers and this is what simulation types are perfect for.
  • Object Types: Used as mesh colliders. So if your object is going to be hitting another one you can use this function. Comes in Mesh, skinned mesh, nested cluster and connected cluster. This allows a large collection of items to behave a similar way, i.e. wind/explosions.
  • Demolition Types: Kaboom… Runtime, Reference Demolition, Precache, prefragment, precached prefab. This gives you complete control of how and when something is going to be demolished.
  • Multiple Fragment Types: You can choose a large selection of fragment types. Voronoi, Splinters, Slabs, Radial, Custom, Slice, Tetrahedron, Bricks and of course Voxels. Plenty of scope for your next big project.
  • Fragments can be clustered with Debris: Shows a more complex destructive scene.
  • Forces: Bomb for explosions of objects, Wind to affect rigid objects and Vortex to affect rigid body objects.
  • Helper Components: Connectivity, Gun (shooting), Blade (sword attacking), Debris and Dust, Activator, Combine, Recorder, Snapshot.
  • Other Features: Collapse, runtime caching, Multi material fragmentation, reset and reuse and export to unity asset.

End Notes

We do understand that Rayfire may seem quite daunting for someone new to games design. But all you need to think of is, do I want destructible environments? and awesome visuals when objects break down? If the answer is hell yes, well then what are you waiting for? get hold of this awesome plugin below. You can use rayfire in game engines too like topdown engine and even the mmo engine.

When Downloading our assets here at get free unity assets we operate under a NON COMMERCIAL USE purpose. So please bare this in mind when you download “Rayfire Plugin for Unity”.

Nulled Rayfire Plugin

We do hope you have some fun with the Rayfire Plugin and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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