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Download the ORK Framework 3 Create your own RPG Style Games

ORK Framework 3 full free download for unity engine
Rpg Editor for Unity

ORK Framework 3 comes with everything you need to create your very own RPG style game, any way you want. This free download of ORK framework contains 4 customizable battle systems (and battle grids), extremely flexible status system, formula editor, inventory system, factions, quests, crafting, dialogues and much, much more!

Not to mention there’s extensive documentation and tutorials available to guide you, including several long-running series, starting a project from scratch, building it piece by piece. So if you are looking to create your very own turn based battle game that has RPG elements look no further. The ORK Framework 3 free download for unity has it all and then some.

Get hold of the Nulled Version of ORK Framework 3

Nulled version of ORK Framework 3

ORK Framework 3 File Contents

The ORK Framework is a complete game engine that you can use to create basic RPG style turn based games. Please note it does not come with any models. If you would like to start creating content with this tool, then we would recommend you download some asset packs first. Here is a quick breakdown of what we recommend:

This should help get you started, also we recommend that you read our guide on how to make RPG games. It might offer you some insight. But must importantly just start making games. Play around a little enjoy being creative.

All about Ork Framework 3 Free Download for Unity

Status System

The highly flexible status system can be set up as simple or complex as you need it for your game.

Status values are used to set up your usual health, MP, experience, attack, strength and any other number-based value representing a status. Need 3 different health stats, one of them killing the combatant when depleted? ORK’s got your back! You can also set up barrier values to shield other status values from negative changes.

Status development can be handled in different ways, e.g. using a curve, formulas, purchased for experience/items/etc. or using custom systems via schematics.

Abilities define your attacks and skills – physical, magical, melee, ranged or passive (e.g. giving bonuses). Animate and extend your abilities using schematics, e.g. to capture enemies.

Other status system features:

Battle Systems

ORK 3 includes 4 different battle systems:

  • Turn Based
  • Active Time
  • Real Time
  • Phase

Each system can be tweaked to your needs, you can even set up different variants of each system. You can even use multiple systems in one game, or change the system of a running battle on the fly!

Additionally, you can use battle grids in all battle systems.

There are also different ways to add battles to your game – placed battles, random battle areas, spawned enemies hunting the player or just a continous real time battle in the scene.

Inventory System

The inventory system contains everything you need. Supports optional inventory slots, space limits, stack limits and many more features. No need to download separate plugins to handle your items!

  • multiple currencies
  • items
  • equipment
  • equipable AI
  • crafting

Items, equipment, etc. can be dropped into the scene (e.g. by killed enemies or from the player’s inventory), items in the world can be collected, item boxes can be used to store items.

Other Systems

Here are some of the other systems included in ORK 3:

  • battle AI
  • move AI
  • areas/teleports
  • inputs and control maps
  • factions
  • formations and grid formations
  • quests
  • research trees
  • shortcut slots
  • loot tables

Player/Camera Controls

Includes multiple built-in player and camera controls, e.g. button or mouse movement, first person or top down camera.

You can also use any custom controls with ORK Framework.


Set up your systems and create your data (items, abilities, etc.) in the powerful editor. The editor comes with many quality-of-life features, e.g. searchable popups, (optional) backups or export/import of language data. This editor works similiar to other game engines like the topdown engine and the corgi engine. So if you are familiar with them two platforms you will be able to use this without any issues.

UI System

The modular UI system can be switched out or extended based on your needs.

Create dialogues, menusbattle menusshops and different kinds of HUDs (e.g. questcombatant status or timebar). No need to use addons like Quest helper and other story based extras.


Use your status values and other things (e.g. variables, entries from CSV files and more) in node-based formulas to calculate values, e.g. damage calculation, hit/critical chances or the turn order in turn based battles.


ORK 3 uses Makinom’s schematic system to animate battles (battle start/end transitions, using individual abilities, items, etc.), .

Schematics are reusable, node-based blueprints of what you want to do. They work similar to flow charts, each node performs a task and decides the next node that’ll be executed – e.g. playing an attack animation, spawning a prefab or moving the camera or a game object.

Makinom 2 Pro included

ORK 3 is built upon Makinom 2’s powerful editor and features.

Makinom 2 Pro is included in your ORK 3 package!

Full Source Code Included

Includes the full source code for ORK 3 and Makinom 2.

Supported Platforms

Officially supports building for WindowsMacAndroid and iOS.

Supports 2D and 3D games.

Download full free version of ORK Framework 3
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ORK Framework 3

Nulled ORK Framework 3

We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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