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A universal enemy AI engine for a great price! If you want enemy AIs in your game no matter the genre, Blaze will build any game object of your choice and make it intelligent, realistic and challenging for your game. It can literally turn a cube into a patrolling agent with no programming needed.


You’ll be able to create any enemy type using Blaze AI. For example:

  • Wandering animals or zombies ✅
  • Smart AIs that respond to the environment and corrdinate their attacks ✅
  • Solider AI that does cover shooter and tries not to get shot ✅
  • Ranged AI that throws spears from a distance ✅
  • A melee brute fighter ✅


Blaze AI offers a very simplistic approach to building your AIs and doesn’t force a certain methodology or framework. However and whatever you want to do, Blaze gives you the freedom to do it in any way in your scripts and MonoBehaviour. This means Blaze is integratable with any system or asset out there. No matter what. It also works with visual scripting.


Every state has it’s own behaviour script which is a MonoBehaviour that can either be edited or even written from sctach for highly-customizable behaviour. You can even swap the behaviour script of a state in runtime to make your enemy act differently in certain conditions. Lastly, not all states need to be used. Use what you need and leave the rest empty.


You’ll be surprised by the level of customizability and options you’ll get. Set your own functionalities, animations, events and audios. Turn features on or off. You can always make your enemy types unique.


Blaze doesn’t only help you to make enemies but friends too. Have an AI backup your player through thick and thin using the highly flexible companion mode and fight other AIs together. Order your companion to stay put/follow, attack an enemy, go to a certain location and more.

download the latest version of blaze ai for unity


Since this asset is an AI system, it works on HDRP, URP and built-in pipelines.


Blaze AI is code-optimized and is built with performance in mind. Offering distance culling, vision cycle frames, AI audios in scriptable object for less memory-footprint & settable layers in all physics operations.


Blaze offers numerous APIs and access to properties to have full dynamic control over your AIs. All inspector properties can be accessed and changed dynamically via code to change how the AI may act in runtime. All APIs & public properties are listed in the docs.


Vision system with multi targeting – Normal state – Alert state – Attack state – Cover shooter – Melee – Ranged – AI vs AI – Companion Mode – Strafing – Backing away – Chase – Humanoid and generic models – Distractions system – AI communication – Animation root motion – Getting hit – Death – React to certain tags – Local avoidance – Distance culling – Enemy scheduler – AI skin check for enemy contact – Search for hostile within radius – Friendly mode


  • Choosing whether to check distraction location or not.
  • Surprised emotion – getting surprised for seeing an enemy for the first time with custom animations and audio.
  • Setting different patrol audios for each state.
  • Random patrol idle animations (ex: tying shoes, reloading gun).
  • Unlimited attack animations and events.
  • Setting the idle rotation for each waypoint.


This package comes with 8 demos (shown in the video) for built-in & URP to get you up and running with everything you need. Also comes with a thorough documentation and the source codes (commented and organized in regions).

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Nulled Blaze AI Engine

We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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