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Introducing the uMMORPG 2D game engine for unity, this game engine is based on the original uMMORPG game engine. Please note this is the remastered version of the engine, which is much more easier to use for users. uMMORPG is by far the most simple and easiest to use MMO engine on the market right now, the reason why most MMO projects fail is because they are far too complex. Please note this is a 2d MMO engine if you want a 3d engine why not check out this MMO RPG creator. This is where uMMORPG shines. It keeps both the code and it’s general architecture simple and easy to use, which is perfect for solo developers that want to create a game from scratch on their own. Looking for some 2d models why not check out this 2d model.

Massive Multiplayer Game Engine with Mirror

The uMMORPG 2D Engine uses Mirror networking. Mirror networking was created for unity to allow small projects the ability to create Multiplayer games. The benefit of Mirror is that the server and client are one code and share around 95% of the code. This makes it possible for the game to run on a smaller amount of code perfect for basic testing purposes for any small MMORPG game.

The networking behind uMMORPG 2D is being worked on daily by a great team and is tested on hundreds of other projects that are being run on unity! So if you want a product that’s tried and tested you are going to want to check out mirror.

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Use a Dedicated MMORPG Game Engine with A Great Community!

Let’s face it sometimes game development can be lonely, it does have it’s ups and downs. Sometimes we do indeed just want to be locked away in a deep dark basement while we get our heads down and create without any distractions. But other times we just want a helping hand in this is where uMMORPG 2D’s Discord Community comes into play with over 2500 members. You get the best of both worlds, so you now have the choice to come out of that dark hole and interact with others while use the uMMORPG 2D Free download engine.

Why not try out the 4000 icon pack and customize the look of your game.

One of the benefits of using uMMORPG 2D is that I can be easily modified! Please a few of the extra benefits below:

  • Unique addon system with additional content provided by the community
  • 100% of the Source Code is included and available to read.
  • Scriptable objects for items, recipes, quests and many more.
  • Documentation is available online.

But wait there is so much more this is the reason why we would love for you to download uMMORPG 2D for free through our site. This really is the MMORPG you have been looking for! Please note this is a 3d game engine if you want a 3d game engine you might want to look at either RPG BUILDER or MMORPG engine. These both support 3D models.

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Key Features of the uMMORPG 2D Remastered Engine

If you are looking for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game engine that comes in 2D form then look no further than uMMORPG. Working with 2D is great for those new to making games as it is much more quicker to setup, so you can pretty much learn the basics before putting it all into a 3D format. But the good news is 2D games are making a huge comeback, heck even using old sprites from the final fantasy series is a great place to start. Here is a breakdown of the key features of the uMMORPG 2D game engine.

If you want to get the uMMORPG 2D Engine for free for unity then check out the cool features below:

Alot of game engines just provide users with the basics well with uMMORPG 2D it comes fully loaded with tons of features and goodies it even comes with a built in Archer and Warrior class to show you how the ranged and melee combat works. It’s easy to add extra classes too for your own needs.

Players are customizable and have their own sets of skills, inventories, equipment and so much more! The play controller allows a click to move function or a WASA controller so whatever your play style is most suited too. A basic combat system is included and even players can fight each other on your server. So it’s all shipped and ready to go.

Did Someone Say Monsters?
Well it wouldn’t be a game without enemies right? Monsters on uMMORPG can be easily placed in the world you have created and will interact with their surroundings while players are using the server. You can modify all of their stats and other cool features by using the unity inspector. Monsters have been programmed to be lootable once killed and they have special spawn timers, which can also be edited.

Strangely enough uMMORPG 2D comes with Npcs and some can even sell or buy items to/from the players amongst other great features. It really shows how well the NPCs work in this game and the possibilities available to you. Most NPC’s will offer quests and can interact with to obtain rewards for completing them.

Feature: Scriptable Items/Skills/Quests
uMMORPG 2D comes with a powerful Scriptable Items/Skills/Quests system. You can add new items based on existing types (e.g. Potions), or create new types by inheriting from Scriptable Item. There are no limits, you could create a skill that instantly spawns 1000 monsters or kills anyone on the server.

Create Mounts & Pets
uMMORPG 2D supports spawnable player owned entities, implemented as Mounts and Pets. Mounts allow the player to move more quickly, while also being attackable by others. Pets can be purchased, summoned and trained. They will fight alongside their owner.

Parties, Guilds & Chat
Social, social, social uMMORPG 2D has it all. With built in systems designed to interact with others what’s not to love? You can form your own guilds and chat amongst each other or ask people in local areas questions about quests, the list is endless.

It’s not an RPG without the choice to customize your whole gameplay right? Well this is where crafting comes into play and uMMORPG 2D provides a simple, yet powerful crafting system. Think of combining 2 items and creating a new 3rd item. This is all available for you to play around with when you install the game engine.

Built in “auction house”
uMMORPG Comes with a built in “auction house” known as item malls. You can sell your items for different prices at the Item Malls. Heck you can even hard code this to real money! However we don’t recommend that. But you do you.

Optional Safe Zones
To allow new users the chance to get used to your game, uMMORPG 2D comes with special areas known as safe zones. These can be wrapped around parts of the map to let users know it’s a safe space to hang out. This is great for protecting users that are at a disadvantage to fighting enemies or other players. Think of it like a sanctuary.

uMMORPG 2D uses SQLite by default, the standard for databases.

Character Creation and Login System

The game engine comes fully loaded with so many features and one of the most important features for any RPG especially a MMORPG is a login system, with the option to create custom characters. The login system comes as default with this engine. Accounts can be verified through an extremal website quite easily making this completely online.

Reliability and peace of mind
With 4 years worth of development behind uMMORPG 2D you know you are in good hands when it comes to Long term support and stability. There are several projects that heavily rely on uMMORPG 2D so it is important that bugs get fixed as soon as possible. So if you want a game engine you can trust when creating your next big game, you should really invest in the free to download unity game engine.

You can also get certain controllers to help with using this game engine.

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If you want to download uMMORPG 2D for free as a non commercial licence you can check out the download below

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We do hope you enjoy uMMORPG 2D and as usual we would love for you to show your work. Once you get hang of the game engine that is! If you would like to try out other game engines then check out Topdown Engine.

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Here at Get Free Unity Assets we aim to help games designers obtain the game assets they require to create their very own game. We do know creating games can be quite expensive, especially with all the unity packages available for download.

So we created this website to provide unity assets for free to our users. That’s right they are yours to download and use on your game projects. Please note though as part of our terms of service you can only use the assets found on this website for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use them commercially you will need to source a full licence from the creator.

As for learning how to create your own games our free unity assets are perfect for beginners and advanced users alike so feel free to download them and use them. Please do remember to share with us your finished work, we love seeing new game content ideas.

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