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TCG Engine - Online Card Game free download

A Robust Template for Solo and Multiplayer Adventures, Complete with Dedicated Server and Extensive Features

Embark on a journey to create captivating online card games with the TCG Engine, a comprehensive Unity template that seamlessly blends solo play, multiplayer dynamics, and powerful features for game development. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a passionate enthusiast, TCG Engine offers an unparalleled framework to bring your card game visions to life.

Key Features Of The TCG Engine

Card Game Essentials:

  • Immerse players in engaging gameplay with essential features such as Play, Attack, Mana, HP, and customizable Abilities.
  • Create a rich gaming experience with a framework built to handle the intricacies of card-based interactions.

Solo and Multiplayer Adventures:

  • Craft single-player experiences and unleash the thrill of multiplayer battles on a dedicated authoritative game server.
  • Simple matchmaking ensures seamless connections between players, offering both desktop and mobile controls.

User Management and Database:

  • Implement user login functionalities seamlessly integrated with a dedicated web API (NodeJS and MongoDB).
  • Manage player data, track progress, and enhance user engagement through features like Leaderboards and Friend lists.

Card Collection and Customization:

  • Elevate player engagement with features like Card Collection, Pack Opening, and In-Game Currency.
  • Let players customize their decks, opening up possibilities for strategic depth and personalization.

AI Capabilities:

  • Implement challenging AI opponents using the Minimax algorithm, providing solo players with formidable adversaries.
  • TCG Engine’s AI predictions are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a balanced and engaging single-player experience.

Extensive Customization:

  • Enjoy the flexibility of customization through Scriptable Objects for cards and abilities, offering a structured approach to content creation.
  • The engine supports the implementation of additional features and changes to core game rules.

Networking Framework:

  • Utilize Unity’s official Netcode for Gameobjects, providing a robust and well-supported networking framework.
  • Experience enhanced performance and security without relying on third-party assets for networking.

Comprehensive Documentation and Community Support:

  • Access detailed documentation online for a thorough understanding of the engine’s functionalities.
  • Engage with the vibrant community on Discord for support, discussions, and collaboration.

Current Limitations

  • Limited to one or two players per match.
  • WebGL build requires third-party integration for Netcode.
  • No gamepad support currently available.

Coding and Documentation

  • TCG Engine is designed for users comfortable with coding. While card and ability customization is facilitated through data files (Scriptable Objects), certain features and core game rule changes require code editing.
  • The code prioritizes cleanliness and structure, making it accessible for varying programming skill levels.
  • Join the Discord community for support and collaborative discussions.

Tutorials and Games Created

  • Access tutorial content on YouTube for guidance.
  • Explore games developed with TCG Engine, such as “Echo of Ayllu.”

Forge Your Realm

TCG Engine empowers creators to shape the realm of their card game dreams. From solo adventures to multiplayer battles, the engine offers a foundation for endless possibilities. Join the community, explore the documentation, and start crafting your card game masterpiece today.

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