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If you are new to creating complete game projects then it might be best to get hold something to handle path finding. Path finding is basically what a “player” does to navigate around your level. When it comes to human players majority of the decisions are down to the user (Although you can do this to help with collision and grids). But when it comes to AI i.e. bots or NPC’s you will want something that will do all the hard work for you.

This is where the A* Pathfinding Project Pro really does shine. This AI unity asset is designed to create pathfinding maps so your AIs will be able to navigate complex maps and find the player in a short amount of time. No one likes a bot that gets stuck, this asset is designed to prevent that. Please note pathfinding is not needed for all game modes but when it comes to First person shooters and Real time strategies it really is a must, in order to have stable game play. You can find other AI assets here.

Use Cases for A* Pathfinding Project Asset

As mention above you don’t necessary need pathfinding for all characters in a game. For example players control themselves and some static NPC’s will not require a path. But here is a small example of what this great game asset can be used for:

  • FPS – create paths on your map levels for bots to navigate till they find the enemy
  • RTS – although more complicated than a RTS pathfinding is a must for this style of game.
  • You can create patrol paths for enemies and for them to search key areas on a level
  • NPC’s walking paths, i.e quest givers and such. Great to use with RPG Models.
  • anything that requires a path, this asset will help you create exactly what you need.

Key Features of this Pathfinding Tool for Unity

AI NPC Pathfinding tool

Here is a brief list of some of the cool features this asset has to offer:

  • NavMesh – this allows precise movements and a lower memory footprint
  • Grid Graphs – Perfect for games that require frequent updates of enemy/player location
  • Point Graphs – if you want to create your very own custom path, this is going to be the option you will want to choose.
  • Automatic NavMesh Calculation – Saves you all the brain hurt solving this yourself.
  • Works for 2D and 3D versions
  • Multi Platform
  • Multithreaded to lower impact to Frame rate
  • Graphs Can be saved to files
  • Local Avoidance that works on both the XZ and XY plane
  • Complete source code included
  • A fair amount of testing scenes for you to play around with (16 in total!)
  • Also supports updating of graphs during runtime of your game!
  • Online documentation available too.
  • Constantly updated

So what exactly are you waiting for? if you require pathfinding for your game then look no further and grab this A* pathfinding tool for unity.

Here on get free unity assets all our download are for non commercial use only. These terms are accepted when you download this asset “A* Pathfinding Project Pro”. Please keep this in minding when creating games with this asset.

Nulled a* pathfinding

We do hope you enjoy A* Pathfinding Project Pro and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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