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Horror FPS KIT free download for unity

Ok so you have just started learning how to make video games and you have got your heart set on creating an FPS game. Great! at least you know which niche you want to work with.

I bet you wasn’t expecting fps games to be so hard work right? A lot of people don’t to be fair. They jump straight into games design, grab a few models and then find themselves stuck on what to do next. There is an awful lot involved in creating your own games.

Well we have the perfect solution to your problem check out the Horror FPS KIT. This full free download will help you create your very own style fps games. This kit comes with everything you need to create your very own playable game.

About The Horror FPS KIT Free Download

The Horror First Person Shooter Kit is an advanced yet easy to use FPS template. The template allows you to create horror style FPS games in no time at all, making it a highly sought after and downloaded pack.

The asset pack itself contains lots of ready to use assets that you can just drag and drop into your game. Some of the features found in HFPS are remnant to those found in AAA Games. If you are struggling to create a game and are seriously stuck, well then you will see this asset pack as a god send.

Create fps style games quickly with this free asset pack

Technical Details of the Horror FPS Asset Pack

If technical details bored you then you can always skip this bit and head to the download section at the bottom of the page. But, if you want to learn the ins and outs of what Looking for the technical information in regards to this kit? Then check out the full list below:

Player Functions

  • Contains a Fully Functional Player Controller, no need to setup your own
  • The Players Body is fully animated, ready to go.
  • Included player footsteps – it’s strange not having this option
  • Player can lean on walls and detect them – option for stealth style games
  • Comes with Weapons (Glock, Shotgun, Axe). No need to download extras.
  • Player Fall Damage is included. Can be removed if you need to.
  • Item Switcher and Menu. Takes the pain out of making your own.
  • Has the Zoom Effect option.
Complete FPS unity asset kit make your own FPS

Core Systems

  • Complete Save/Load System in Place. No need to download easy save.
  • Cross-Platform Input (PC, PS4, XONE) – Menu system works on all platforms too.
  • Advanced Inventory System, can be used with other themed FPS style games.
  • Objectives system has been implemented, give your characters objectives to complete.
  • Examination System. Allows the user to examine menu items and objects.
  • Drag Rigidbody System – move bodies around.
  • Cutscenes System, create your own in game cutscences!

Struggling to find 3d models for this asset pack then why not check out this 3d model that can be used with this kit. It offers a kind of realism to your game. But you can always opt for low poly models instead. People don’t realise this when it comes to making games. If you get the basis game created you can add any type of asset you want to it.

Want to rework this asset into a low poly format:

use those two asset packs with the horror fps kiet and you will have a low poly horror style fps game. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Object Systems

  • 3 Player Light Items
  • Did we mention Jumpscares? Because it’s got them too
  • Interactable Dynamic Objects
  • Interactive Lights
  • Unique Fully Functional VHS Player
  • AI Zombie Behaviour System
  • Camera CCTV System
  • Water Buoyancy System

Plus many other features are to be found on this pretty much complete Horror First Person Shooter game kit. The great thing about the HFPS Kit is that you don’t even need to make Horror style games the choice is completely up to you. But it’s a great place to start!

If you are struggling to find monster models then why not check out the Monster Horror Pack. Use them as placeholders while you learn how to create your own 3d models.

free download Horror Fps Kit unity asset

Please note we operate on a non commercial use only for our free unity assets. These terms will be accepted on download of the above asset. Please bare this in mind when creating your projects.

Nulled Horror Fps Kit

We do hope you have some fun with the Horror FPS KIT and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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From The Get Free Unity Assets Team

Here at Get Free Unity Assets we aim to help games designers obtain the game assets they require to create their very own game. We do know creating games can be quite expensive, especially with all the unity packages available for download.

So we created this website to provide unity assets for free to our users. That’s right they are yours to download and use on your game projects. Please note though as part of our terms of service you can only use the assets found on this website for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use them commercially you will need to source a full licence from the creator.

As for learning how to create your own games our free unity assets are perfect for beginners and advanced users alike so feel free to download them and use them. Please do remember to share with us your finished work, we love seeing new game content ideas.

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