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Steamworks is A powerful set of tools, systems and editor extensions to make you integration with the Steam API easier, faster, and more robust. Make the most of Steam for your game!


Steamworks is a set of tools, systems and editor extensions designed to make your integration of Valve’s Steamworks APIs with your Unity project easier, faster, and more robust. Steamworks covers every feature of Valve’s Steamworks Client API and provides you with custom editor extensions, tools and systems so you can make the most of Steam for your game.


Visit our main page and see how you can do more with Heathen.

On our main site we have a feature break down comparing Foundation, Complete, Steamworks.NET and Facepunch and links to the free Foundaiton version which is a “lite” version of Complete you can try before you buy.

How is this different from Steamworks.NET or Facepunch.Steamworks?

You can find a detailed comparison on the steamworks site!

Heathen’s Steamworks is not just a C# wrapper around the Steam APIs, its built on Steamworks.NET which is a true to form conversion of Valve’s APIs to C# thus Valve’s documentation, samples, etc. are applicable.

The value this asset adds is in the tools, extensions, documentation, and battle tested systems all designed and built with Unity and Unity developers in mind. Our Knowledge Base is more than simple API doumentation and covers tips and tricks, learning and advanced concepts. Our community of thousands of developers are all working on Heathen technology, there you can chat live with peers working on the tech you are as well as our developers.

With Heathen’s editor integrations you can configure and connect your Steam artifacts like stats, achievements and leaderboards to existing behaviours and objects with little or in many cases no code at all. Heathen takes it further with the Steamworks Inspector which is an editor tool that helps you debug your integration and visualize the internal state of the API at simulation time.

The Steamworks Inspector’s Inventory Editor gives you the tools to visually design your Steam Inventory model and then generate the Item Definition JSON needed by Valve. V2 is an extension of Steamworks.NET and the Steam APIs not a replacement so any existing Steam based code you have or find will work right alongside our tools and systems. Rather you are a seasoned veteran or new to Steam or Unity, Heathen’s Steamworks V2 can empower you to do more, faster with a grater assurance of stability and quality.

Looking for Documentation?

Checkout our knowledge base and explore everything our tools have to offer.

Not Sure Yet?

You can install Steamworks Foundaiton for free, Foundation is a “lite” version of Steamworks Complete and is available freely on GitHub. Our knowledge base has a comparison of Foundaiton and Complete on its main page.


This asset is dependent on Steamworks.NET and System Core both of which are available freely on GitHub. This asset can help you install those requirements when imported or you can consult our Installation Documentation for more information.

Live Support

Heathen Assets Discord Server


This asset is compatible with any networking transports that are properly built to work with Steamworks.NET; the following transports are known to meet this requirement.

  • Fish Networking
  • Mirror Networking
  • MLAPI / NetCode for GameObjects

Using these or similar tools you can create Client/Server or classic Peer to Peer multiplayer. Heathen Engineering actively works with these and other asset developers and open source communities to promote compatibility and ease of use with Steamworks.NET and assets built on it.

Do more with Heathen Engineering!

Enrich your games with achievements, user stats, social features, Steam DLC and support for Steam Workshop. Easily create or join Steam Lobbies, integrate chat systems with your game and so much more. Heathen’s Steamworks is a battle tested and developer approved integration of one of the most robust and popular digital platform interfaces around.

examples of what steamworks can do

New to Steamworks?

Heathen’s Steamworks comes with live support form Heathen Engineering and a growing community of thousands of developers. Join the Heathen Assets Discord Server where you can ask questions and get real time answers, show off your latest project and more.

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Nulled Free download Steamworks

We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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