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The Battle Simulator is an easy solution for any battle simulation game. Players must come up with effective strategies beforehand to defeat hordes of enemies throughout several levels and environments. Players can enjoy your battle simulator game on both mobile devices and pc, and the easy editor provides straight forward tools to setup your levels and enemies. You can choose between two battle modes that will change your character behaviour and except for the 3D character placement it also has a 2D grid system.

Main Features

The Battle Simulator has two demo environments, three character types and character ragdolls.

Two battle modes,
You can choose between two battle modes. By using the first mode, your characters will simply find the closest enemy, follow it and attack it when it’s in range. With the second mode your characters will actually take each other into account when searching for the best enemy. They will check the number of allies that are already attacking the same character to effectively take out the enemies.

Character placement,
Players can design their strategy before starting the battle by placing characters onto the battlefield. A demo character will follow the mouse and by clicking or dragging, you can deploy the selected character. You can also hold down a keyboard key to enable snapping, which allows the player to easily organize the characters.

2D grid system,
The Battle Simulator also has a grid system so the player can click on the 2D grid to spawn characters. This is especially handy for mobile devices.

Mobile input,
The asset contains mobile input to easily navigate through the environments on mobile devices. Using the grid system players can place characters and a simple joystick allows them to move the camera around. Players can also pinch to zoom and drag to rotate the camera.

Menu & level system,
You can easily create new levels via the editor and they will automatically appear in your main menu. Players can unlock new levels and areas and if you want, you can have different characters available in each environment.

Enemy editor,
The editor also allows you to configure enemy armies for each level beforehand via a straight forward grid system.

Furthermore, it has pdf documentation, the script are written in C#, there’s a menu and two demo scenes and it’s using the build-in navmesh system to navigate the characters.

Battle Simulator Free Download

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