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Multiple Shaders and Tools to Create the Perfect Setting

The Vegetation Engine free download for the unity game engine

The Vegetation Engine is a set of highly optimized vegetation shaders and tools designed to unify any vegetation asset from the Unity Asset Store, Megascans, Speedtree, Tree Creator, and more, or custom vegetation made by your team.


Enable high-quality wind motion, interaction, local wind, seasons, wetness, subsurface, gradient and noise tint, perspective correction, camera distance fade, glancing angle fade, crossfade, size fade, height blending, and more, for all vegetation assets and props with Standard, Universal, or HD Render Pipeline!

The Converter

The Vegetation Engine comes with a one-click conversion workflow for 3rd party vegetation assets. Once converted, the assets are fully compatible with all features provided by the asset and will work in all render pipelines! The converter uses text-based pre-sets with an easy-to-use but comprehensive API.

The Shaders

The Vegetation Engine includes highly customizable shaders compatible with all render pipelines (2020.3+). With feature parity between pipelines, switching to another render pipeline can be done at any time. With over 50 parameters, you can enable or disable features with the Amplify Base Function function!

The Elements

The Vegetation Engine comes with a comprehensive set of modular elements, used for motion and interaction with unlimited characters, motion flow, local wind, dynamic seasons, global overlay (snow, sand, dust), wetness, tinting, size control and leaves amount with minimal performance impact!

The Layers

The Vegetation Engine comes with a new layers system for both the elements and the materials, so you can customize how each material is affected globally. Add separate season colorization for trees and grass or different interaction elements per material with an easy and intuitive layer system.

The Community

With constant updates and improvements, all BOXOPHOBIC assets are trusted by tens of thousands of game developers. Check out the above screenshots taken by our community, showcasing asset store and custom-made vegetation using the Vegetation Engine in various projects and render pipelines.

  • 🞫 TVE is not a placement tool, it is a vegetation unification/detailing tool
  • 🞫 TVE requires Text Serialization mode to be enabled in Project Settings > Editor!
  • 🞫 TVE is designed to work with instancing, static batching support is limited
  • 🞫 TVE can be heavy on mobile, only high-end devices are recommended
  • 🞫 The screenshots showcase user projects and none of the assets are included!
  • 🞫 Shader Model 4.5+ capable devices are required (Desktop / High-End Mobile)
  • 🞫 Scalable Ambient Obscurance is not supported in Forward Rendering
  • 🞫 Billboard Renderers from Speedtree7, Tree Creators, and CTI are not supported. Speedtree7 billboard faces are not supported!
  • 🞫 Billboard Baker shaders for VSP and GPUI are not supported!
  • 🞫 Only LTS Unity versions are officially supported!
  • 🞫 HDRP RTX is not fully supported

○ Disclaimer

  • The Vegetation Engine will not do a 1:1 conversion for the vegetation assets. Even if in most cases the converted prefabs will look similar to the original asset, depending on the original shaders, lighting can change, colors can change, various features could not work anymore and the wind animation will definitely be different. After conversion, material tweaks will be required!
  • This is not a vegetation spawner tool, but it can be used together with your favorite tools supporting instanced indirect such as Vegetation Studio, Nature Renderer, GPU Instancer, Mega World, or other placement tools like Gaia, Map Magic, Terra World, etc or vegetation placed as prefabs in the scene!
  • The Vegetation Engine shaders can be heavy on lower-end hardware because many features are enabled by default. You can create your own shader versions using the Amplify Base Function, by disabling the features you don’t need!

Examples of what this unity asset can do

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Nulled Free download The Vegetation Engine

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