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Need to navigate player on game roads, build routes, find nearest path? Road GPS Navigator can help you to implement this functionality without coding. Works fine with Unity 2017 – 2022b. But it is recommended to use asset with Unity 2019.4 or above – new updates will be shipped for these versions.


Use details

  • – No coding needed to use.
  • – Easy to add your level map and setup all settings.
  • – Easy to customize settings and visual design.
  • – Detailed guide about all asset components.

Work modes

  • Full map. All map of your level will be shown on screen with player actual position, route to current target and map icons for objects, which you want to show on map. Zoom and moving of map available.
  • Navigator. Small window in corner of screen, imitates real navigator
  • following by player, shows nearest roads to player, and route to move.


  • Asset builds shortest route from A to B point, where’s A point is player (or car) position, and B – final destination.
  • Can be setted up any map, you just need to complete several steps to create your level map and add it to Navigator.
  • Supports diffirent roads rules: one and two-side roads, road circles, crossroads, etc.


  • Player rotation and position always shown on map.
  • Destination position also can be shown as map icon.
  • You can setup objects on your level to be shown on map, just drag component to object and select icon.

Work features

  • Works on Unity UI.
  • Supports any level sizes, any count of roads and crossroads.
  • Search of shortest route by default runs in separated process thread, so huge levels will not cause lags.

Visual editor

  • Includes visual editor extension to see actual roads connections and directions.
  • Includes editor window, simplifies work with map settings.
  • Note that this asset doesn’t work with real maps and GPS, just allows you to create GPS imitation like in GTA, Far Cry and other games, to build routes in game cities and terrains.
  • Max tested map size is 6000 x 6000. Not tested with VR.

Road Gps Navigator for the unity game engine

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Nulled Road Gps Navigator

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