Free Download InfiniTUNES Music Collection C – Medieval Real Instrument Songs

free download InfiniTUNES Music Collection C - Medieval Real Instrument Songs

Free Download of the Unity Package InfiniTUNES Collection C: Elevating Game Music with Real Instrument Magic


Embark on a sonic journey with InfiniTUNES Collection C – Medieval Real Instrument Music, a captivating series of music tracks that not only play seamlessly but also invite you to rearrange them with individual instrument tracks, infusing versatility into your game’s composition.


InfiniTUNES Collection C offers a series of music tracks composed by Theodore Tsoukalas of the ARTnGAME team. These tracks can be experienced directly or undergo a fascinating transformation by rearranging individual instrument tracks, introducing an exciting variety to your game’s musical landscape.

Special Offers and Discounts

  • InfiniTUNES Collection C is now available at a remarkable 50% Initial Release Discount, priced at $14.5 instead of $29 until November 24th!
  • For an even more extraordinary deal, grab the complete Environment Building Bundle at a substantial discount during the sale, only $120 instead of the current $460.

Exclusive Upgrades

  • As a limited-time offer, upgrade from InfiniTUNES Collection C to Sky Master ULTIMATE 2021 for an additional $25.
  • Extend your creative arsenal further by upgrading Sky Master ULTIMATE 2021 to the Environment Building Bundle for a total of $120, saving you over $600!

Features and Composition

The musical compositions are rooted in real, live-played instruments, adding a unique and thrilling dimension to the soundscape. InfiniTUNES Collection A and B are also available, providing additional tracks and endless possibilities for musical combinations.

The collection comes equipped with the InfiniTUNE system, enabling the combination of individual tracks to craft the final music. The variable volume feature allows for infinite mood possibilities, allowing your game’s soundtrack to evolve dynamically.

Technical Details

Medieval Music Tracks Collection:

  • Three complete Medieval-themed music tracks: “A bird in an Almond Tree,” “Woods of Magic,” and “Dracolude.”
  • An additional track, a variation of the Dracolude track with added vocals.
  • Individual instrument tracks for each music track, facilitating use with the Moods system of InfiniTUNE and recomposition of the music with variable volume per instrument. Totaling 19 tracks.

Audio File Details:

  • File Types: WAV
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Bit Depth: 16 bit
  • Loopable: No
  • Additional: Stereo

InfiniTUNE Music Player and Combination System:

  • Combine individual instrument tracks for the final music, with variable volume for each, offering infinite moods and possibilities.
  • Create and save Moods, applying user-specified music volume per individual instrument track for varied use cases and different game areas.
  • Mood lerp system for smooth transitions between saved Moods.
  • Biome music controller for initiating smooth Mood changes to the selected Mood for each region center at runtime.


This marks the initial release of the InfiniTUNE system, promising further enhancements and features in future updates. For feedback and questions, join the discussion on the ARTnGAME Discord channel and Forum Thread.

This revised version provides a more comprehensive overview, highlights special offers, and presents technical details in a structured manner. Feel free to adapt it according to your needs.

Render Pipeline Compatibility

Understanding the technical side, InfiniTUNES Collection C seamlessly integrates with Unity’s different render pipelines. Whether you opt for the default Built-in Render Pipeline or the more customizable Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), this music collection stands compatible, ensuring a harmonious blend with your chosen Unity version.

Unity Version Compatibility

  • Built-in: Compatible
  • URP: Compatible
  • HDRP: Compatible
  • Unity Version (2021.3.29f1): Compatible

You can download a free version of infinitunes below! Enjoy

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