Free Download UniWebView 5 for Unity Game Engine

Free Download UniWebView 5

Are you a Unity game developer looking to seamlessly integrate web content into your mobile games? Look no further! UniWebView 5 is here, offering a powerful web view component designed for Unity 3D mobile games. Plus, it’s available for free download!

UniWebView 5: Unleashing Web Content Integration

Unlock a world of possibilities with UniWebView 5, a Unity 3D plugin that brings a robust web view component to your mobile games. Whether you’re browsing through HTTP, running JavaScript, or performing OAuth 2.0, UniWebView 5 has you covered.

Key Features of UniWebView 5:

  • Render Pipeline Compatibility: Seamlessly compatible with Unity’s Built-in Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). Ensuring flexibility for all Unity developers across different rendering needs.
  • Unity Version Compatibility: Compatible with Unity 2020.3 or later, ensuring you can leverage the latest Unity features and improvements.
  • Platform Compatibility: UniWebView 5 runs effortlessly on iOS 9, Android 5.0, and macOS 10.10 or above, providing cross-platform support for your Unity projects.

UniWebView 5 Overview: Transform Your Games

UniWebView 5 offers abstract high-level APIs in C#, seamlessly wrapping native APIs for iOS and Android platforms. This integration allows you to incorporate browser-like behaviors into your games without delving into native development. Ideal for displaying announcements, adding leaderboards, or showcasing web pages to your users.

FEATURES: Unlock the Potential

  • Web Browsing: Display content through HTTP/HTTPS, bringing the internet directly into your game.
  • Safe Browsing Mode: Ensure secure browsing with support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.
  • OAuth 2.0 Integration: Built-in support for popular OAuth 2.0 providers, enabling logins with Google, Facebook, and others.
  • Local HTML Files: Load and display local HTML files seamlessly within your game.
  • Full JavaScript Support: Run and add JavaScript on the page for dynamic interactions.
  • Message System: Utilize a URL scheme-based message system to receive messages from web pages.
  • Flexible Positioning: Set position and size using absolute values or reference relative Unity UI elements.
  • Media Integration: Play YouTube, Vimeo, or local videos directly within your game.
  • Image Upload: Enable users to upload photos from the camera or gallery through an input form.
  • Texture Rendering: Render web pages to texture and integrate them into your game world.
  • Transparent Interaction: Click through the transparent area of the web view, enabling seamless game UI integration.
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Technical Details: Smooth Integration with Native Components

UniWebView 5 employs WKWebView and SFSafariViewController on iOS and WebView and Chrome Custom Tabs on Android. This ensures a unified, easy-to-use C# interface for native web view components.

Unlock the Full Potential of UniWebView 5:

Visit our official website to download UniWebView 5 and revolutionize how you integrate web content into your Unity 3D mobile games. Elevate your games with the power of UniWebView 5 today!

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