Low Poly Animated Animals Free Download

Create Your Own Animals For Your Next Unity Game With Low Poly Animated Animals, Get Creative

Low Poly Animated Animals Free Download

High-Quality Rigged Low Poly Animals Pack

This high-quality rigged low poly animals pack includes an extensive collection of 57 unique animals, each equipped with stunning animations and provided with beautiful demo scenes. These animals are accompanied by multiple textures, sounds, and a Wander Script.

Package Compatibility:

  • Built-in Render Pipeline: Compatible
  • Universal Render Pipeline (URP): Compatible
  • High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP): Compatible

Unity Version Compatibility:

  • Unity 2019.4.39f1: Compatible

Content Found Within This Unity Asset Pack

  • 57 unique animals
  • Wander Script (V.5) for easy integration of living animals into your scenes
  • Rigged animals with stunning animations
  • Beautiful demo scenes
  • Mecanim support
  • Over 30 animal textures
  • Over 40 unique sounds
  • Illustrated environment textures
  • URP support
  • Simple and well-organized usage
  • Low poly nature elements
  • Ground, grass, and coral textures
  • Free updates

Animal List

Extensive list of animals too many to count!


Run, walk and idle for all animals.

Create Your Own Animals For Your Next Unity Game With Low Poly Animated Animals, Get Creative

The package includes free Standard Assets camera filters for presentation purposes.

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Nulled Low Poly Animated Animals

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