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The Complete Save Data & Serialization System

Easy Save unity asset free download cross platform

Do you find yourself struggling to create a save game function within you unity game? Turns out you might not be the only one. There are are so many save style assets on the asset store to help people just like you. If you are struggling to choose which one is best we recommend The Easy Save Free Download way! It makes life a little easier.

This free unity download makes saving and loading game date much more easier than it needs to be. It combines a serializer and storage into one tidy little package. Serialize anything in your game and store it to a save file the easy way. This is great twinned with the RPG Builder game engine, ensure the large amounts of saves are handled correctly.

Some people might use the excuse that they are new to making games with unity. So they don’t think they need a save function. Well they do! 99% of games have some kind of save function, weather it’s auto save or the user hitting the save button. Your game is not going to do well if it does not have this function. We are in a different era of gaming!

So why should you use this time saving unity asset?

Well, we have come a long way with games design. You no longer need to create everything from scratch. The hours spent creating basic game functions now comes in the form of unity assets. This allows the majority of us to create great games much more quicker than ever before.

All you need to do is check out our free unity assets and you will see a large list of tools, models, sound packs and even whole games. It’s crazy how much content is out there.

Now if you have been gaming as long us here at get free unity assets, you will be aware that games didn’t always have a save functions (yeah… that was a PITA!). Well now it’s the standard so your game better have some kind of save option. If you can’t figure out how to make one then grab this awesome asset! Let it do all the hard work for you.

Let’s face it if you are using quest machine or other types of RPG tools you will need a save function.

If you are a beginner you can follow the documentation to get Easy Save The Complete Save Data & Serialization System up and running in no time. Oh and for you experts out there it’s basically “A fast, feature-rich and extremely flexible save system”. So there is something for everyone.

Learn how to create a save game function in unity with Easy Save

Technical Information in regards to Easy Save The Complete Save Data & Serialization asset

Want to know the in’s and out’s of this great asset? well check out the details below before downloading this asset pack:

  • Multiple Platform Compatibility – PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, android, steam and even web GL
  • Full documented included guides, examples and even an API reference
  • You can program this asset to save with Auto save or with an in game command using C#
  • Fast and Lightweight
  • Using JSON
  • Secure save data with encryption features
  • Compact Files option to compress too
  • Supports Cloud saving via PHP / MYSQL
  • Save anything including references
  • Export data to Excel Spreadsheet

As you can see this asset has a ton of features to help you create a simple save function within your game. This is suitable for both beginners and experts. So what are you waiting for? Save game is the default so start learning today and create your very own game that allows Game saves.

When Downloading our assets here at get free unity assets we operate under a NON COMMERCIAL USE purpose. So please bare this in mind when you download “Easy Save – The Complete Save Data & Serialization System“.

Nulled Easy Save

We do hope you have some fun with this asset pack and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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From The Get Free Unity Assets Team

Here at Get Free Unity Assets we aim to help games designers obtain the game assets they require to create their very own game. We do know creating games can be quite expensive, especially with all the unity packages available for download.

So we created this website to provide unity assets for free to our users. That’s right they are yours to download and use on your game projects. Please note though as part of our terms of service you can only use the assets found on this website for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use them commercially you will need to source a full licence from the creator.

As for learning how to create your own games our free unity assets are perfect for beginners and advanced users alike so feel free to download them and use them. Please do remember to share with us your finished work, we love seeing new game content ideas.

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