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Dreamscape Nature : Meadows Free Download

Dreamscape Nature Meadows Environment

This pack contains Meadows – Stylized Open World


Dreamscape Nature Meadows


Looking to create the Perfect Stylized Nature Environment for your next big game? Well why not get hold of Dreamscape Natures: Meadows Environment pack. This pack has been created to allow you to creating a stunning game environment. You should not have any problems creating something beautiful with this unity asset pack.


Some of the Features of this Free Unity Asset Pack

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the key features of the Dreamscape Nature : Meadows : Stylized Open World Environment unity asset pack:

  • All Models are of High Quality with Low poly optimization. This gives the models a distinct Stylized Look that has become quite popular in recent times.
  • Perfect for Open-world style games.
  • There is over 100 Prefabs
  • Highly Optimized Materials
  • Includes Distant Terrain Meshes to fill background space.
  • Customizable Shaders
  • This pack also included Stylized Particles effects for some of the models
  • Large Demo Scene Included and we main LARGE! Designed to showcase the models, not recommend for Low end games.


Full Breakdown of the assets included


Stylized asset environments


Want to know the full content of the Dreamscape Nature : Meadows asset pack? Well check out the full list below:

  • A Total of 9 Tree Meshes textures included
  • 16 Stone Meshes a great assortment
  • A Huge supply of 26 Foliage and Grass Meshes to make your environment unique.
  • A large selection of 27 prop meshes so your scene does not look boring!
  • 10 water and terrain meshes to build the bare bone of your unity game
  • 9 particle effects


Create beautiful stunning stylized forest environments


So if stylized gaming is your thing and you are currently looking to create an open world game. Then Dreamscape Nature Meadows Environment asset pack should be exactly the thing you need. You will be able to create amazing environments in no time. Perfect for beginners and advanced users.


Please bare in mind that downloading our assets they are under a NON COMMERCIAL USE Licence. So you can not use these assets for commercial use. They are designed to help new game developers learn how to create their own games, without having to learn every aspect of game creation. So please keep this in mind when downloading “Dreamscape Nature Meadows Environment Pack“.


Download Dreamscape Nature Meadows

Nulled Dreamscape nature

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Here at get free unity assets we do hope you love this environment pack and do create some great content with it. As always we would love for you to show us your completed work via our social pages.

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