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Mesh Baker Free Download Unity Asset

Download The Mesh Baker Kit FREE  for Unity

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When it comes to create stunning 3D models within games you need to know all about texture mapping and *baking* this is where you apply texture materials to models. It can prove to be quite difficult for beginners and some people really hate this part of the job, but each to their own. We highly recommed you get a unity package that does all the hard work for you. So this is why we recommend downloading Mesh Baker for unity.

Mesh Baker improves performance by combing all your materials and meshes to reduce the size of your workload. It is a perfect way to optimize your scenes and objects within your game. This is by for the most known optimization tool for texture baking/mapping on unity. It has been around since 2012 so you know it’s a product people are still enjoying the benefits from today.


How to download mesh baker for free


Check out some of the cool features mesh baker has to offer:

  • Mesh Baker Creates Texture arrays and atlases for your game objects.
  • To optimize your game, you can combine meshes.
  • Modifications your prefab items
  • Supports HDRP, URP and all standard versions
  • You can use the built in shaders already provided or add your own custom shaders
  • You can use materials that use color tints too!
  • Your object has more than one material? well mesh baker supports that too
  • Tiling is not a problem with this texture baking tool
  • Customization this unity assets is full of it, custom skins? it’s got you covered
  • Automatically adjust UV’s and normal textures
  • Comes with Lightmapping support
  • Flexible Workflow Tools
  • Comes with a Runtime API Built in

So as you can see if you are new to texture mapping and baking this can be a great utility asset to have in your workflow.




If you want to download MESH BAKER for Unity for free as a non commercial licence you can check out the download below

download Baker Kit FREE Unity Kit FREE Unity


Mesh Baker download for unity assets

Nulled Mesh baker free download for unity engine

if the above link does not work try here.


We do hope you enjoy One of the best, well the best! Mesh baking and texture mapping tools for unity and as usual we would love for you to show your work.  Why not check out One of our other assets here!

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