VR UI Package Free Download

Struggling To Create A Basic UI For Your VR Game? Well Get Hold Of This Asset Pack

VR UI Packge free download

Unlocking VR UI: Your Shortcut to Immersive Interaction

In the realm of VR application and game development, Unity’s VR UI Package emerges as a powerful ally, setting you on an accelerated path towards crafting captivating VR experiences.

Package Highlights

Experience an array of prebuilt VR UI tools that will catapult your development process.

Dive into 30+ prefabs, carefully crafted to cater to your VR UI needs.

Three Essential Sections of Prefabs

  1. UI: A collection of basic and intermediate UI components designed with versatility in mind.
    • Includes buttons, dropdowns, sliders, and much more.
    • Easy customization while adhering to user-specified themes.
  2. Tools: Discover handy tools, such as a drawing feature and VR camera, perfect for enhancing your VR applications.
  3. 3D UI: Immerse yourself in a 3D UI interface with captivating effects that elevate the VR experience.
    • 3D physical buttons, elements with highlight effects, and more await your creative touch.

Demo APK for Testing and Manual Unveil the full potential of Unity’s VR UI Package by exploring the demo APK designed for testing and manual use.

Stay Connected and Share Feedback Join the Discord group for inquiries, feature requests, and bug reports. Your insights and suggestions are valued.

Render Pipeline Versatility

  • Unity’s Built-in Render Pipeline, the default option, opens the door to VR UI Package compatibility.
  • For those seeking a more customized experience, the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) stands ready, ensuring your VR UI remains in harmony with your vision.
  • High-end graphic aspirations are met by the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), delivering cutting-edge visuals.
  • All this compatibility is firmly established in Unity version 2021.3.9f1.

Compatibility Assurance This package seamlessly integrates with Unity’s new Input System, ensuring you have the tools needed for effective interaction in the VR world. To further enhance the visual aspects of your VR applications, the package leans on TextMeshPro Essentials. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select either XR Interaction Toolkit or Oculus Integration based on your project’s unique requirements.

You can rest assured that this package is versatile and adaptable, as it works harmoniously with URP, HDRP, and other custom render pipelines. A minor adjustment of a few materials to match your render pipeline’s material type is all it takes to maintain full UI functionality.

create your own vr ui with this asset pack

NOTICES Please note that Oculus hand models and scripts used in this asset are under the Copyright (c) Facebook Technologies. Ownership of these components rests with Facebook Technologies, and their usage is subject to Copyright (c) Facebook Technologies.

Nulled VR UI Package

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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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