Sci Fi Level Construction Pack 1 Download

Download Sci Fi Level Construction Pack 1

Create your Very Own Sci Fi Game

Sci Fi Level Construction Pack 1 free download

Are you a fan of the Sci Fi genre but struggling to create your very own game? Well this is why unity packages can be of great help. Here we have the Sci Fi Level Construction Pack 1.

This asset pack is perfect for beginners that need some prefabs to start creating their very first game. This unity package was created with ease and speed in mind. Drag and drop into your game and start creating content. You might want to check out some of our sci-fi weapons too that you might want to add to your in game characters.

If you are struggling to find characters for your game we always recommend the polygon modular hero series. It just works straight out of the box and can be twinned with dynamic bone for easy in engine rigging.

So what’s in the kit

Ok, this asset pack is huge! It contains pretty much everything you need to create a basic level. Plus you can reuse these assets and create huge maps with it.

There is a total of 116 Prefabs included in this package. Think of walls, floors, lights, columns, corners and even some decorative objects.

All the image maps created are 2048 x 2048 making them of high quality that can be scaled easily. These maps include Diffuse, specular, heightmap and normal map.

Pretty much everything needed to create your very own game. With this package you will also receive a demo level, so you can understand the basics of this complete construction pack. So if you are new to creating games with the unity engine and a fan of sci-fi we would recommend this to you! Seriously.

Build your own sci fi style game in unity with this asset pack

Who is the SCI FI Level Construction Pack 1 Asset Pack for?

Due to the packs basic nature, we would recommend this level pack for beginners. So if you are new to unity and looking for a sci fi look, will this should do for basic game creation.

With unity packages of this kind their main purpose is to build the basis of level. So you can jump straight in and start adding to it. So if you have never picked up unity before and would like to start building your very own custom level then we do recommend this package.

Why not try out our polygon sci fi pack with this pack. We feel it goes well together.

When Downloading our assets here at get free unity assets we operate under a NON COMMERCIAL USE purpose. So please bare this in mind when you download “SCI FI Level Construction Pack 1″.

Nulled SCI FI Level Construction Pack 1

We do hope you have some fun with the Sci Fi Level Construction Pack 1 and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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From The Get Free Unity Assets Team

Here at Get Free Unity Assets we aim to help games designers obtain the game assets they require to create their very own game. We do know creating games can be quite expensive, especially with all the unity packages available for download.

So we created this website to provide unity assets for free to our users. That’s right they are yours to download and use on your game projects. Please note though as part of our terms of service you can only use the assets found on this website for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use them commercially you will need to source a full licence from the creator.

As for learning how to create your own games our free unity assets are perfect for beginners and advanced users alike so feel free to download them and use them. Please do remember to share with us your finished work, we love seeing new game content ideas.

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