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Monster Full Pack VOL 1 asset pack

Monster Full Pack Vol 1 Full Download For Unity

Introducing the first volume of the Monster Full Pack – a versatile collection of original monster designs that seamlessly suit a wide spectrum of genres, from Heroic Fantasy to Sci-Fi. Dive into a world of creative creatures that can elevate your projects to the next level.

Pack Contents:
The Monster Full Pack Vol 1 is a comprehensive compilation that combines Monster Pack Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, offering a grand total of 30 unique monsters. But if 30 isn’t enough for your ambitious project, fret not!

Need More Monsters?
For those who demand an even larger horde of monsters, you can always checkout our other asset packs.

Included Monsters (Volume 1):

The Monster Full Pack Vol 1 is packed with an array of fascinating monsters that can add depth and intrigue to your creations. Here’s a glimpse of the creatures featured:

  1. Arthromahre
  2. Bufomorph
  3. Carcidonte
  4. Cavecrawler
  5. Clypeosaurus
  6. Deinodonte
  7. Densoptere
  8. Drackmahre
  9. Entomorane
  10. Giant Slug
  11. Gorosaurus
  12. Gryllunguis
  13. Hellcreeper
  14. Hideoplast
  15. Karckmahre
  16. Karcinomorph
  17. Laminoferox
  18. Letalobrach
  19. Marhomorph
  20. Morphorrid
  21. Muscomorph
  22. Pardathrox
  23. Scolomorph
  24. Skorpmahre
  25. Scyver
  26. Tyranopode
  27. Telluropod
  28. Tetrachnide
  29. Vespomorph

Technical Details:

  • All models come rigged to the Mecanim Generic Rig Set Up, ensuring ease of use.
  • Materials used are Standard Built-In, but they can be conveniently upgraded to either URP or HDRP using the Upgrader Tool corresponding to your chosen pipeline.

The Monster Full Pack Vol 1 is an exceptional resource for game developers, artists, and creators seeking to infuse their projects with an array of captivating creatures. Whether you’re delving into Heroic Fantasy or venturing into the realm of Sci-Fi, these monsters will serve as an invaluable asset. Unleash your imagination and bring these monsters to life in your next big game.

Monster Full Pack VOL 1 Free Download Unity

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