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Toon Ghost 3D Model Unity Asset Pack

Perfect for Low poly Style games


Download Toon Ghost Unity asset pack 3D MODEL


When talking to new aspiring game designers we can’t stress enough how important it is to just start working on your project. You can read as much as you want about theory and how to make a game. But the truth is you will never get anywhere without creating some content.

This is where low poly models are of great use. In this case we have the Toon Ghost model perfect as an in game enemy or even a main character. You can easily make a simple game with this model or even make a full game around the idea of these models.


Toon Ghost Low Poly Models are just great!


Low poly models sometimes get a bad rep due to their simplicity, but truth be told they have been part of AAA games for a lot longer than people think. Of days gone by you would actively crush your polygons and shrink the size as much as you could get away with in order for your game to not run out of memory and crash! Some people also love the art and game style. So each to their own. T

hey work great with mobile games too, making them a great enemy unit.


The Contents of this Unity Asset Pack

Toon Ghost is part of a series known as TOON. The theme behind this is of a cartoon style, rather squarish and simple. Low Poly is the key here. This asset pack contains the following:

  • 1 3D Model Ghost (418 Triangles)
  • Hand Painted in 3 Colors
  • Model is rigged and animated
  • 17 Animations
  • Mist FX Unity Particles included with the package

Here is a breakdown of the animation included with this Toon Ghost Asset Model Pack:

  • idle
  • Fly – Forward / Backwards
  • Strafe – Left / Right
  • Spawn
  • Bite attack
  • Surround attack
  • Cast spell
  • Defend
  • Take Damage
  • Die



low poly 3D Ghost Model


So if you are looking to create a low poly game and need an enemy or character why not try out Toon Ghost.

All our assets are download as a non commercial use only. These terms will be accepted on download of the asset “Toon Ghost”.


Download Toon Ghost

nulled Toon Ghost

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We do hope you enjoy Toon Ghost and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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