Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute Series Free Download

Download Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute Series

Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute Series Free Download

Introducing the Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute Series from Meshtint studio. This unity asset package is huge. Full with plenty of characters for you to create your very own game. The Cute series Hero Characters are modular in design and easy to use. Ready to be used with Humanoid Mecanim.

This free asset pack would be perfect to be used with other polygon stylized packs. Why not try out the polygon apocalypse download too?

Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute series Pack Information

This Unity Package asset pack known as the Cute Series 3D monsters. Comes with 3 different evolutions for each monster. Think of pokemon/digimon where monsters evolve into stronger versions of themselves. Evolution 1 is the weakest form where as evolution 3 is the most powerful. You can use these characters to show in game progression, the further the player gets the more evolved the monsters. This would be great for those wanting to create casual games or even RPG style games. A complete monster package.

Monsters, monsters and more monsters

This unity ultimate package consist of 15 Characters. All the character’s contained in this pack have a texture size of 2048 x 2048. File formats are in PSD so please be aware of this when editing the files. Each characters has either 1 emission map or/and 1 diffuse map depending on the look of the characters. Built using unities standard shader, making them possible to edit as you wish. Each model is pre rigged and animated, saving you time and effort. Generic Mecanim is set up within unity so just place them in your games and enjoy.

We have tried and tested these models and they work great. We have used them in both the Horror Fps kit and the RPG builder. They both worked great. Maybe you might want to try out these packages too.

Complete Breakdown of the file contents

Here is a breakdown of the contents of this unity package:

Evolution form 1:
1) Gloom – 594 triangles. 16 animations.
2) Pollen – 392 triangles. 14 animations.
3) Scorpling – 1648 triangles. 19 animations.
4) Earthworm – 522 triangles. 18 animations.
5) Golem Earth – 1454 triangles. 22 animations.

Evolution form 2:
1) Grim Reaper – 1378 triangles. 18 animations.
2) Spore – 1094 triangles. 15 animations.
3) Scorpion – 2240 triangles. 19 animations.
4) Worm – 980 triangles. 15 animations.
5) Golem Fire – 2102 triangles. 24 animations.

Evolution form 3:
1) Wraith – 3888 triangles. 15 animations.
2) Plant Chewer – 1256 triangles. 20 animations.
3) Scorpion King – 3060 triangles.18 animations.
4) Queen Worm – 1526 triangles. 19 animations.
5) Golem Ice – 2318 triangles. 22 animations.

Please note that there are demo scenes held within this package. But you may need to install the following free plugin “Post Processing Stack v2” to get everything to work correctly. All 3D Files are in FBX within this package. Looking for more vfx effects? why not try this VFX unity asset.

Free Download Monsters cute series

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Nulled Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute Series

We do hope you have some fun with the Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute Series unity package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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