check out pixelate for unity game designers

Pixelate Free Download for Unity

Looking to convert 3D Animation into Pixel Sprite Sheets try Pixelate

check out pixelate for unity game designers


Let’s face it we all can’t be amazing pixel artists, some of us find it difficult to create such amazing art. Well did you know that you don’t need to be to create pixel art for your game? This is where this amazing tool comes into great use. Pixelate is an tool that converts 3D animations into Pixel sprite sheets, yes you heard that right!

Pixelate uses a propriety 3D – 2D shader system. This always the tool to control the size of your sprites to best suite your game, the animation frame rate and react to 2D lighting. This also works in real time. Animate your characters quickly and more efficiently in pixel art with the use of the Pixelate free download.

Let’s face it learning pixel art is time consuming and very difficult. What can take years to perfect only takes a few hours of getting used to with this amazing tool. You will be able to create natural organic pixel art, much more faster than what you could do with hand drawing each frame. The sprite sheets created using normal maps so will work well within a 2D lighted environment.

Just create your 3D character, remove any lighting effects to your design, add some simple animations then let pixelate do all the hard work for you. This tool optimizes the animation process keeping everything to a bare minimum.


example of how to use pixelate to turn your 3d models into 2d


Key Features to Mention

  • Convert 3D Animation to 2D quickly and efficiently
  • Reactive with 2D Lighting (URP)
  • Normal Maps work with 3D
  • You can see a live version of the end product before exporting
  • Export supports a large list of resolutions
  • Control over the Frame Rate of each animation
  • Flexible
  • Active community that ships updates and offers support


Sprite sheet created using pixelate


As you can see from the list above this tool has got it all when it comes to animation in 2D. So if perhaps a pixel style character, might just be the thing you are looking for, then we suggest to get hold of pixelate. You would be silly not to, unless you love spending hours creating pixel sprite sheets!

As always you can download this tool below as a non commercial licence.


download Pixelate FREE for Unity

Download Pixelate for unity free

Nulled Pixelate

if the above link does not work try here.


Good luck with creating some amazing 2D animations using pixelate. We look forward to seeing your creations, share them below. Why not check out more tools!

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