Deathmatch AI Kit Free Download

Want to create FPS style enemies then get hold of deathmatch ai.

Get the Deathmatch AI kit for unity Create your very own deathmatch FPS game Death Match AI is Perfect for your enemy AI! Requirements before using this asset pack: Behavior Designer. Movement Pack legacy version of Ultimate Character Controller, First Person Controller, or Third Person Controller. It will be updated for version 3. The Deathmatch AI Kit includes … Read more

Quest Machine Download

Quest Machine full free download unity

Make Quest Making Easy With Quest Machine Create Unlimited Quests at Runtime With this Unity Asset Ever wanted to create a RPG style game but couldn’t create a basic quest line system? Well this is where Quest Machine becomes of great use. This unity asset helps aspiring game creates to create amazing quest lines in … Read more

Get Regular Animations Free Download

create your own animations for unity

Download Regular Animations Unity Asset Take the Hard Work out of Creating Animations If you are new to video game creation you may have realised that you like some tasks and not others, no one likes every aspect of games design. If you do it’s odd. This is why we have specialized roles when it … Read more

Download A* Pathfinding Project Pro

Fix pathfinding issues with ai and nps in unity

Create more Realistic AI WITH A* Pathfinding Project Pro Don’t over complicate things, grab this useful Unity Asset for your AI characters If you are new to creating complete game projects then it might be best to get hold something to handle path finding. Path finding is basically what a “player” does to navigate around … Read more