Colorize (Texture Color Palette Modifier) free download

Download Colorize (Texture Color Palette Modifier)

Colorize your 3D models within unity

colorize your own 3d models in the unity engine with this asset

This asset colors you models texture palette, it can amend the regional colors and add regional: emissions, metallic-reflection, smoothness and simulated metallic-occlusion.


This asset is under active development the team are continuing to work on adding new features to this asset, they are also constantly optimising the code to make it more responsive in editor for a better user experience.

-Currently this is an editor tool only

What this tool does

-Changes regional colors of your models via the color palette and/or add emissions and metallic-reflection textures

-Creates emission regions

-Creates metallic regions

-Creates reflection regions

-Can have multiple emissions regions each with its own background color and intensity

-Can have multiple metallic regions each with its own intensity

-Can have multiple reflections regions each with its own intensity

-Can override current texture

-Can fork out a new material and texture

-Contains many randomizing algorithms based on the base colors you chose or based on regions of color ranges

-Contains many natural color palettes for you to choose from

-Can simulate Occlusion (M-Occlusion)

-Does not require any manual setup, just reference your model and start!

Works with

-Solid color palettes (see example diagrams)

-Pattern color palettes (see example diagrams)

-Works with most low poly models as they mostly use Solid/Pattern

-Works with maximum 4k textures, however, the largest the texture the more editor lag you -will experience

-Works with: Palette Fusion

Short Comings:

-Does not work with Gradient color palettes

-May not work with all Custom Shaders (Can use our palette fusion tool to convert from custom Shader to a default unity Shader)

-4k textures take longer to paint, and can feel lag (we are working to speed this up, however -you can use our palette fusion to compress the palette dramatically)

an example picture of what this asset can do.

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Nulled Colorize

We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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