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example of neon game progress bars


Loading/Progress Bars are key when it comes to any game, they alert the user of progress states. The main reason games designers need progress bars is to let the user know their is going to be some waiting involved. You will commonly see porgress bars on loading screens for intros and cut scenes as well as starts of new levels. Some games use icons others use percentages like found in the Create Progress Bars Asset pack.

Multiple Progress Bars

download the progress bar kit for unity


This package includes 5 types of bars for you to choose from:

  1. Hyper Casual Game Bar
  2. Glossy Game Bar
  3. Normal Game Bar
  4. Neon Game Bar
  5. Modern Game Bar

You do have a few appearances to choose from, please note you can edit the look and feel of these bars as you wish, the code behind the image is the most important part.


Simple and Easy to Understand Code

You may or may not know that unity uses the programming language C#. This progress bar is written in C# with visuals put over the top. The code provided is short and sweet and easy to understand. But if you are struggling to get to grips with the creation of these Game progress bars, you can check the documentation provided. A Complete manual is included to give you a step by step installation guide of the “Create Progress Bars” asset pack.


Please note we operate on a non commercial use only for our free unity assets. These terms will be accepted on download of the above asset. Please bare this in mind when creating your projects.


Download A* Pathfinding Project Pro

Nulled Create Progress Bars

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We do hope you enjoy Create Progress Bars and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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