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this image shows some of the features available with the cross platform native plugins essential kit.

A Unifying Powerhouse for IAP, Notifications, Cloud Services, Web Views, Leaderboards, Rating, and Social Sharing across iOS & Android

Empower your Unity mobile development with the Cross Platform Native Plugins: Essential Kit, a robust solution providing a unified API for critical functionalities like In-App Purchases, Notifications, Cloud Saving, Web Views, Leaderboards, Rating prompts, and Social Sharing. This versatile toolkit supports both iOS 11+ and Android 16+, ensuring a seamless experience across major mobile platforms.

Features of This Asset Pack

1. Unified API Design:

  • Enjoy a unified API design that eliminates the need to write code per platform. Simplify your development process and create feature-rich mobile experiences effortlessly.

2. Easy Installation:

  • The Essential Kit offers easy installation, making it accessible for developers of all levels. Get started with a hassle-free setup to accelerate your Unity mobile projects.

3. Cross-Platform Simulations:

  • Simulate most feature behaviors directly in the Unity Editor, allowing for efficient testing and debugging. Experience platform-specific functionalities without leaving the development environment.

4. Automatic Permissions and Capabilities:

  • Generate Android manifest and permissions dynamically based on feature usage. On iOS, Essential Kit automatically adds required capabilities, streamlining the deployment process.

5. Feature Selection:

  • Choose only the features you need, avoiding unnecessary overhead. Tailor your Unity project to include specific functionalities from the extensive feature set provided by Essential Kit.

6. Full Source Code Included:

  • Gain full control over your development with the inclusion of the complete source code. Customize and extend functionalities based on your project requirements.

7. Detailed Tutorials:

  • Access detailed tutorials that guide you through the setup of native platform services. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, the tutorials ensure a smooth integration process.

8. Unity Cloud Build Compatible:

  • Seamlessly integrate Essential Kit into your Unity Cloud Build workflow and batch mode, enhancing collaboration and automation possibilities.

9. Active Support Since 2015:

  • Rely on a well-established toolkit actively supported since 2015. Benefit from continuous updates, improvements, and a community of 15,000+ developers worldwide.

Feature Set

1. Address Book:

  • Access contacts of the user directly from within your Unity app.

2. Billing (Analytics-Free In-App Purchases):

  • Ensure privacy-first In-App purchases with analytics-free billing services.

3. Cloud Services:

  • Save data in the cloud seamlessly with support for iCloud and Saved Games.

4. Deep Link Services (New!):

  • Connect your content or screens with URLs, enhancing user engagement.

5. Game Services:

  • Leaderboards and achievements done right, providing a captivating gaming experience.

6. Native UI Popups:

  • Utilize native alert dialogs, date/time pickers, and other UI elements seamlessly.

7. Network Connectivity:

  • Check network connection status to optimize user experiences based on connectivity.

8. Local Notification System:

  • Schedule notifications within your app for timely communication with users.

9. Push Notification System:

  • Receive remote notifications to keep users engaged and informed.

10. Rate My App:

  • Prompt users to rate your app, enhancing visibility and credibility.

11. Social Sharing:

  • Enable users to share content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

12. Share Sheet:

  • Share images and URLs effortlessly using the built-in share sheet.

13. WebView:

  • Access a browser within Unity seamlessly, offering integrated web experiences.

Upcoming Features

1. Ads + GDPR/App Transparency:

  • Stay tuned for enhanced features related to Ads, GDPR compliance, and App Transparency.

2. Game Services – Play Services V2 Update:

  • Upgrades to Game Services for improved functionality and performance.

3. Billing Services – Subscriptions, Store Kit V2 Update:

  • Enhancements to billing services, including subscription support and Store Kit updates.

4. In-App Update:

  • Keep your app updated seamlessly with upcoming in-app update functionality.

5. New Notification Layouts:

  • Explore fresh notification layouts to enhance user engagement.

6. And More:

  • Continuous improvements and additions to enrich the Essential Kit experience.

Community Interaction and Support

1. Unity Forum Thread:

  • Engage with the community, share experiences, and seek support on the dedicated Unity Forum Thread for Essential Kit.

2. Continuous Development:

  • Benefit from an actively evolving toolkit with ongoing research and feature additions. Your feedback and support contribute to shaping the future of Essential Kit.

The Cross Platform Native Plugins: Essential Kit is more than just a toolkit; it’s your passport to delivering exceptional Unity mobile experiences. With a comprehensive feature set, unified API, and ongoing updates, Essential Kit is a cornerstone for developers aiming to excel in mobile app and game development.

Unlock the Full Potential of Unity Mobile Development with Essential Kit – Where Unity and Mobile Excellence Converge!

this image shows some the notifications services that can be setup using this asset pack.
Nulled Cross-Platform Native Plugins Essential Kit

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