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This unity asset allows you to paint your own scenery

Stylized water for the unity game engine


The successor to the original Stylized Water Shader asset, widely adopted since 2016. Now re-imagined from the ground up for the Universal Render Pipeline.Rather than being PBR-based, a custom lighting model offers direct control over color and light/environment reflections. All whilst retaining support for dynamic lighting and all of Unity’s lighting features.

Shading features

  • Deep, shallow and horizon color controls
  • Intersection foam effect with other objects, based on scene-depth or vertex colors
  • Unlit/simple and advanced shading modes
  • Adjustable surface foam
  • GPU-driven, layered wave animations
  • Animated caustics in shallow water
  • Translucency rendering from all light types
  • Flat shading mode (low poly look)
  • Planar reflections (excluding VR)
  • Separate control over environment- and sun reflections
  • Sparkles based on normal map
  • Refraction, distorts objects behind the water surface
  • UV- or world-projected tiling (seamless water)
  • Vertex color support to control foam, fog and wave height
  • Transparency mask to hide the water inside objects such as boats
  • River mode for spline meshes (created using other tools)
  • Distance normals (tiling reduction)

Technical features

  • Clean material UI with tooltips and notifications
  • Simple and Advanced shading modes
  • Tessellation support, dynamically subdivides triangles (adaptive & distance-based)
  • C# API to read the wave height/normal. Integration for Dynamic Water Physics 2
  • Water Grid component, creates water tiles which can follow a specific transform
  • Utility to create subdivided plane/circle mesh assets


  • Tropical beach demo scene
  • Several pre-configured water materials
  • Unique foam and normal map textures
  • Set of particle effects, designed for gameplay and environment enhancement (flipbooks with normal maps)


  • Universal Render Pipeline (URP) 10.3.2+ (excluding the Built-in RP & HDRP)
  • PC, macOS (OpenGL/Metal), Consoles, Android/iOS (OpenGLES 3.0+)
  • One-click fog integration for EnviroAzure SkyAtmospheric Height FogSC Post EffectsCOZY Weather and Curved World 2020
  • Supports spot/point lights and baked/dynamic GI
  • Orthographic camera’s
  • VR rendering (Single Pass Instanced & Multiview)

the unity asset in action


Hand-written, expertly crafted shader, for maximum performance and flexibility. Features can be disabled, making it scalable to use on mobile platforms. Down from a simple coloured plane up to a vivid lake.


Built for 3D rendering. Can’t be used with the 2D Renderer or Tilemaps, Planar reflections are disabled in VR.

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Nulled Stylized Water 2

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