Quirky Series+ Animals ULTIMATE Pack Free Download

This image shows some of the 3D models found in the Quirky Series+ Animals ULTIMATE Pack Free Download

Dive into the Quirky World of 251 Animals, Each Bursting with Personality and Wacky Animations – Unity Asset for Creativity Unleashed!

Welcome to the whimsical universe of the Quirky Series – Animals ULTIMATE Pack! This Unity Asset is a treasure trove for game developers, offering a vast collection of 251 quirky animals, including 92 unique birds, each brought to life with delightful animations. Whether you’re crafting a fantastical world or adding a touch of charm to your project, this ultimate pack has it all.

Key Features

1. Extensive Variety:

  • Immerse yourself in a vast array of animals, from Arctic creatures to Jungle inhabitants, Sea dwellers, Fantasy beings, and much more, totaling 251 animated wonders.

2. Compact Textures:

  • Optimize performance with tiny 16×4 px textures (diffuse map only), ensuring efficiency in rendering without compromising on visual appeal.

3. Rigged and Animated:

  • Every animal comes rigged with a skeleton, featuring 18 lively animations, including Idle, Jump, Run, Swim, Attack, and more.

4. Expressive Blendshapes:

  • Customize facial expressions using 26 blendshapes/shapekeys, allowing you to convey a spectrum of emotions and reactions.

5. Mobile and VR Ready:

  • Craft games for mobile platforms, AR/VR experiences, and more, as these animals are optimized for various platforms, promising seamless integration.

6. Sample URP Shader:

  • Enhance visual aesthetics with the included Sample Universal Render Pipeline (URP) Shader, adding an extra layer of polish to your creations.

7. Unmatched Variety:

  • From the charming Arctic Fox to the majestic Bengal Tiger, playful Sea Otters to mythical Dragons, this pack spans the animal kingdom and beyond.

8. Integration Flexibility:

  • Compatible with Unity’s Built-in Render Pipeline, offering accessibility to a wide range of developers with different rendering needs.

9. Animation Variety:

  • Enjoy an extensive animation library, including playful bounces, fearsome attacks, quirky clicks, and heartwarming idle animations.

10. Seamless Navigation:
– Effortlessly find the perfect animal using Ctrl + F search functionality, streamlining your creative process.

Animal Packs Highlights

  • FREE Animals Pack: Offering a taste of the adorable and quirky creatures, including Colobus, Gecko, Herring, Muskrat, and more.
  • Arctic, Farm, Forest, Pets, Safari, Desert, Island, Jungle, River, and Sea Volumes: Each volume introduces a diverse set of animals tailored to specific ecosystems.
  • Fantasy Vol.1: Unleash your imagination with mythical beings like Cerberus, Chinese Dragon, Kitsune, and more.
  • Birds Bundle: 92 unique bird species, from Abyssinian Roller to Yellow-Throated Longclaw, each adding avian charm to your project.

Animation Categories

  • Attack, Bounce, Clicked, Death
  • Eat, Fear, Fly, Hit
  • Idle_A, Idle_B, Idle_C
  • Jump, Roll, Run, Sit
  • Spin/Splash, Swim, Walk


  • Expressive eye movements, tears, sweat, and various facial expressions, allowing for a nuanced range of emotions.


Quirky Series – Animals ULTIMATE Pack transcends the boundaries of traditional asset collections, offering a comprehensive menagerie for game developers. Whether you’re creating a lighthearted mobile game, a fantastical VR experience, or an animated narrative, this pack brings your vision to life with a touch of whimsy.

Unleash Your Imagination – Quirky Series Awaits Your Creative Touch!

Shows some of the assets found within this pack. You can see a snake, octopus, deer, bird plus many more.
Nulled Quirky Series+ Animals ULTIMATE Pack

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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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