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Simpligon Universe - Low Poly Assets free download

Dive into a Stylized Low Poly World with a Massive Asset Pack – Ideal for Games, Scenes, and More!

Simplify your game development process with Simpligon Universe, an expansive low poly asset pack designed to bring your creative visions to life in Unity. With over 1825 meticulously crafted assets, this pack offers unparalleled versatility for creating diverse environments, characters, vehicles, and more. Let’s explore the vast possibilities Simpligon Universe brings to your projects.

Key Features

Massive Asset Variety:

  • Explore 1825+ unique assets, each crafted with attention to detail and available in multiple color variations.
  • From characters and vehicles to buildings and environmental elements, unlock a rich collection for your low poly stylized games.

Detailed Demo Scene:

  • Dive into a comprehensive demo scene that showcases the potential of Simpligon Universe.
  • Experience the seamless integration of assets, providing a glimpse into the possibilities for your projects.

Rigged Characters:

  • Incorporate 40 rigged characters, each bringing personality and diversity to your games.
  • Enhance your storytelling with characters ranging from casual to professional, each with unique attachments, hairstyles, and accessories.

Interactive Vehicles:

  • Choose from a fleet of 70 vehicles, including air, land, and water transport options.
  • Enjoy the added realism of openable doors and trunks, creating immersive gaming experiences.

Dynamic Subway Train System:

  • Implement an efficient subway train system with trains, modular stations, and various props.
  • Seamlessly integrate the subway system into your urban environments for added depth and realism.

Extensive Buildings Collection:

  • Construct diverse urban landscapes with 162 building assets, including apartments, shops, high-rises, and more.
  • Many buildings feature enterable interiors, expanding the possibilities for exploration.

Versatile Environment Assets:

  • Access a vast array of environment assets, including modular road systems, sidewalks, flyovers, bridges, and natural elements like mountains, trees, and ponds.
  • Construct diverse scenes ranging from urban settings to rural landscapes with ease.

Interiors for Realism:

  • Populate your environments with 487 interior assets, covering spaces like auto repair shops, offices, supermarkets, and homes.
  • Enhance the player experience with meticulously detailed interiors and a vast array of props.

Robust Prop Selection:

  • Choose from 551 props to populate various scenes, including amusement parks, beaches, playgrounds, industrial areas, and more.
  • Add realism with props like street lights, signs, statues, and utility poles.

Render Pipeline Compatibility

Enjoy flexibility with support for Unity’s Built-in, Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).

Achieve stunning visuals with exterior scene promo images and videos rendered in HDRP.

Technical Details

  • Asset Count: 1826 unique assets.
  • Polygons: Majority of assets under 500 tris, with some as low as 2 tris.
  • Textures: Resolutions ranging from 2048 to 4096, organized in atlases.

Craft Your Low Poly Masterpiece

Simpligon Universe is your gateway to crafting captivating low poly stylized games and scenes. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a passionate creator, the versatility of this asset pack empowers you to build immersive worlds. Dive into the expansive collection, explore the demo scene, and embark on a journey to bring your creative visions to life!

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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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