Shapes Free Download

shapes free download

Crisp Lines, Infinite Resolution Shapes, and Advanced Anti-Aliasing Techniques for Stunning Visuals

Unleash the power of real-time vector graphics in Unity with Shapes, a revolutionary library designed to redefine the way you draw and showcase shapes. Whether you’re creating crisp lines, intricate polygons, or immersive 3D shapes, Shapes provides the tools and flexibility you need to bring your visions to life.

Key Features Of The Shapes Asset Pack

  1. High-Quality Line Drawing:
    • Achieve superior line quality with arbitrary thickness using advanced anti-aliasing techniques.
    • Specify thickness units in meters, pixels, or noots for unprecedented control over your visuals.
  2. Versatile 2D and 3D Shapes:
    • Create a diverse range of shapes, including Polylines, Discs, Arcs, Pies, Rectangles (2D), Spheres, Tori, Cuboids, Cones, 3D lines (3D), and more.
    • Enjoy easy-to-use, component-based shapes with tweakable parameters for seamless integration.
  3. Component-Based Shapes:
    • Leverage the simplicity of component-based shapes for quick and intuitive adjustments.
    • Tweak parameters effortlessly to achieve the desired visual results.
  4. Immediate-Mode API:
    • Dive into code-based drawing with the immediate-mode API, complete with scene view gizmo support.
    • Experience flexibility with included source code for customization.
  5. GPU-Driven Performance:
    • Benefit from heavily GPU-based rendering, ensuring that tweaking parameters is practically free.
    • Harness GPU instancing support for enhanced performance.
  6. Shader Flexibility:
    • Explore the source code for each shape, allowing maximum flexibility for customization.
    • Apply custom shaders with ease to achieve unique visual effects.
  7. Built-In and VR Support:
    • Seamlessly integrate Shapes with BIRP, URP, and HDRP for compatibility with various rendering pipelines.
    • Experience single-pass instanced VR rendering support for immersive virtual experiences


  • All shapes are unlit for simplicity.
  • Shapes is not designed to be an SVG asset importer/exporter, and SVG support is not available.
  • Currently no support for ECS due to frequent changes.
  • Overlay mode lacks UI support, but workarounds using camera-based or world-space UI are available.
  • Applying custom shaders may require shader coding expertise.

Conclusion: Shapes is your gateway to a new era of vector graphics within Unity. Elevate your projects with stunning visuals, enjoy the flexibility of component-based shapes, and witness the magic of advanced anti-aliasing techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a creative enthusiast, Shapes empowers you to turn your visions into reality. Share your work, tag #madewithshapes, and let your creations shine! ♥

free download for shapes asset pack
Nulled Shapes

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