POLYGON Elven Realm Free Download

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Synty Studios™ Presents: POLYGON – Elven Realm

Embark on a journey to the celestial kingdom hidden amidst mountains, where magic and mystical energies thrive. Welcome to Elven Realm, a captivating low-poly 3D art creation by Synty Studios™ that weaves magic into the lunar realm.

Key Features Of The Elven Realm Download Pack

  • Over 700 Unique Assets: Dive into a vast collection of assets that breathe life into the Elven Realm, including characters, buildings, props, items, environment elements, FX, weapons, and vehicles.
  • Modular Building System: Construct your fantasy landscapes with a versatile building system, complete with cliffs and waterfalls. Build majestic structures with ease.
  • Detailed Demo Scene: Explore a meticulously crafted demo scene that showcases the beauty and intricacies of Elven Realm. Immerse yourself in the magical world Synty Studios™ has created.

Assets Contained In This Pack

  • Characters (x11): Meet an array of characters, from commoners and knights to queens and scholars, each adding depth to the Elven Realm.
  • Character Attachments (x51): Customize your characters with a variety of attachments, including ears, hairs, helmets, capes, and crowns.
  • Buildings (x279): Utilize a comprehensive set of building pieces, from roofs and stairs to doors and walls. Create stunning architectural designs for your fantasy realm.
  • Props (x139): Decorate your scenes with an assortment of props, including furniture, statues, lanterns, and more.
  • Items (x49): Enhance your narrative with elixirs, spell books, musical instruments, and various other items.
  • Environment (x137): Populate your world with lush vegetation, mountains, bridges, waterfalls, and more. Bring the Elven Realm to life with vibrant environmental elements.
  • FX (x19): Add enchantment to your scenes with magical effects, such as auras, candle flames, wisps, and rune doorways.
  • Weapons (x37): Arm your characters with an arsenal of bows, daggers, swords, shields, and more.
  • Vehicles (x3): Traverse the mystical landscape with boats and carts.


  • Unity Version: Works seamlessly in Unity 2020.3 and above.
  • Render Pipeline: Supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP) – URP Guide provided for easy integration.
  • Character Animation: Characters are Mecanim-ready, though animations are not included in this pack.

Journey through the Elven Realm and harness the magic of POLYGON for your Unity projects!

This is an image of a demo scene created using the elven realm asset pack.
Nulled Huge Playground Post Apocalyptic

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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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