POLYGON Sci-Fi Cyber City Free Download

This is a promotional image showing off some of the assets found within the SCI-FI Cyber city free download pack. It shows some characters too.

Synty Studios™ Presents a Grime-Soaked, Low Poly 3D World where Shadows Conceal Both Treasures and Terrors

Embark on a journey into the heart of a dystopian tale, where ‘once upon a time’ holds no sway. In the gripping narrative of POLYGON – Sci-Fi Cyber City, Synty Studios™ unveils a world of intrigue, neon-lit streets, and a grime-soaked allure that will draw you in and refuse to let go. This low poly 3D masterpiece introduces a modular building set and a towering sci-fi inner-city demo scene where every corner echoes the remnants of shattered dreams.

Sci-Fi Cyber City – Low Poly 3D Art Key Features

1. Over 700 Unique Assets:

  • Immerse yourself in the diversity of the dystopian world with a collection of over 700 unique assets, including buildings, characters, environment elements, FX, props, vehicles, and weapons.

2. Modular Building Set:

  • Utilize a comprehensive modular building set (157 buildings) to create your cyberpunk cityscape with backgrounds, ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, railings, stairs, train rails, pipes, and more.

3. Characters and Attachments:

  • Encounter 19 distinct characters, each with a unique flair, including cat, cyborgs, soldiers, robots, and more. Enhance character customization with 46 attachments, featuring backpacks, cybernetics, hairstyles, helmets, and more.

4. Environment and FX:

  • Elevate the atmosphere with holographic trees, junk piles, and 24 FX elements such as bullet trails, drones, holograms, rain, sparks, and more.

5. Rich Prop Variety:

  • Populate your cyber city with 413 props, including antennas, billboards, crates, computers, desks, tables, vehicles, weapons, and an array of miscellaneous items to add depth and detail.

6. Vehicles and Weapons:

  • Explore the streets with eight diverse vehicles, including carts, food trucks, luxury cars, and more. Arm your characters with an arsenal of 29 weapons, ranging from laser guns to swords.

7. Seamless Compatibility:

  • Character setup compatible with Mecanim (animations not included).
  • Tutorial available for converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.
  • Works seamlessly in Unity 2020.3 and above.

Recommendations for Expansion

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Embark on a Cyberpunk Odyssey with POLYGON – Sci-Fi Cyber City and Shape Your Own Tale Amidst Neon Lights and Shadows!

a stunning image created using this free asset pack.
Nulled POLYGON Sci-Fi Cyber City

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