HIGHLANDS Stylized Environment Free Download

this is an image of the highlands free plugin asset pack. Showing some of the assets found in this pack.

Unlock the Power of 3D Modeling, Sounds, and Interactables for Your Game Development

Dive into the enchanting world of game development with HIGHLANDS, a comprehensive package that elevates your Unity experience. Unleash your creativity as you seamlessly blend 3D models, immersive sounds, interactive props, and captivating effects to build stunning stylized environments.

Render Pipeline Compatibility:

  • Built-in: Unity’s default, ready-to-use render pipeline.
  • URP (Universal Render Pipeline): Quick and customizable, offering optimized graphics across platforms.
  • HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline): For cutting-edge, high-fidelity graphics on high-end platforms.

Additional Compatibility Information:

  • The asset seamlessly integrates with Unity versions from 2021.3 to 2023.2.
  • Supports rendering paths including Forward, Forward+, and Deferred.

Package Highlights

1. 3D Models (160):

  • Unique meshes with LODs for optimized performance.
  • Diverse elements like Forest Environment, Forest Camp, Forest Cabin, Background Mountains, and Custom Colliders.

2. Audio (132):

  • Varied audio clips for a fully immersive experience.
  • Player Footsteps, Forest Sounds, Props Drop Sounds, Door and Chest Open/Close Sounds, Bonfire, Water, and Music.

3. Shaders (4):

  • Elevate visuals with Foliage, Surface, Water, and Background Objects shaders.

4. Particle Effects (5):

  • Bring scenes to life with God Rays, Fog, Bonfire, Candle Fire, and Birds.

5. Terrain Materials (4):

  • Enhance landscapes with meticulously crafted materials.

6. Demo Scene (1):

  • A ready-to-explore scene showcasing the potential of HIGHLANDS.

7. Scripts (Player Controller, Interactable Objects, Audio Manager):

  • Streamlined systems to enhance player control, object interaction, and dynamic audio scenarios.

Technical Details

  • Polycounts:
    • Trees: 650 – 2.3k tris
    • Bushes: 800 – 3k tris
    • Stones: 250 – 430 tris
    • Camp Environment: 80 – 5.1k tris
    • Props: 170 – 950 tris
    • Most models equipped with LODs and custom collider meshes.
  • Textures:
    • Terrain materials resolution: 2048×2048
    • Most textures packed into atlases
    • Texture format: PNG
  • Shaders:
    • Created using Amplify Shader Editor.

Unlock the full potential of your game development journey with HIGHLANDS, where every detail contributes to the creation of captivating and stylized virtual worlds.

this is a demo scene created with the HIGHLANDS Stylized Environment asset pack.
Nulled HIGHLANDS Stylized Environment

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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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