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POLYGON Sci-Fi Worlds Free Download

Create Futuristic low Poly Environment with Polygon Sci-fi Worlds

Plenty of prefabs to create your own micro universe


Get this huge Sci-fi themed low poly stylized asset pack


Check out the Polygon Sci-fi Worlds Asset pack created by Synty Studios™ Our most detailed pack yet, POLYGON Sci-Fi Worlds is a premium asset collection! This pack contains buildings, characters, props and environment assets to create a Sci Fi themed polygonal style game. Over 1200 premium detailed prefabs are included with this pack.


Key Features

– Three different factions and building types!

– Large variety of environmental pieces and surfaces to make any type of world!

– Includes four huge unique demo worlds!

– Most buildings have interiors so you can explorer the worlds both inside and out!

– (Character poses indicative only)



Characters (x20)

– Alien Armor, Alien Chef, Alien Combat, Alien Rock, Alien Spikes, VR Female, VR Male, Scavengers (x3), Soldier Female, Soldier Male (x2), Alien Female, Alien Male, Space Suit Female (x2), Space Suit Male (x2), Strider Male.

Character Attachments (x77)

– Including Backpacks, Beards, Hats, Tools, Masks, Hairs, Helmets, Patches, Pouches, Shoulders, VR, etc


Buildings (x299)

– Including Bridges, Walls, Doors, Elevators, Greebles, Lights, Platforms, Railings, Windows, Vendors, and loads of faction-specific buildings!


Props (x444)

– Including Graffiti Decals, Alien Letters, Banners, Billboards, Posters, Signs, Faction Symbols, Antennas, Batteries and Power Cells, Crates, Beds, Seats/Chairs, Cables, Canopies, Boxes, Containers, Junk/Trash/Scrap, Mining Drills, Hydroponics, Junkies, Monitors/Screens, Generators, Tables, Satellites, Barrels, Giant Skeleton, Solar Panels, Swipe Cards, Tether Wires, Turrets, Vending Machines, Vendor Items/Products, etc.


Environment (x212)

– Including Alien Artifacts, Roads, Spill Blobs, Cliffs, Craters, Clouds, Asteroid Core and Shell, Spikes, Platforms, Crystals, Rocks, Grass, Grounds, Junk Piles, Alien Plants, Snow Piles, etc


Vehicles (x16)

– Includes APCs (x2), Hover Bikes (x2), Barge, Buggy, Hover Craft, Hover Tanks (x3), Rocket, Scavenger Lifters, Vendor Bike, Vendor Tug.


Vehicle Attachments (x32)

– Includes Hover Bike Cargo, Hover Tank Bases and Turrets, Vendor Tug Attachments.


Weapons (x66)

– Including Alien Guns, Assault Rifles, Axes, Daggers, Launchers, Hammers, Heavies, Missile, Pistols, Shields, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Swords, etc


FX (x37)

– Including Alien Insects, Core Glow, Floating Crystal, Dusts, Exhaust Trail, Booster Flames, Fog, Lasers, Radioactive Bubbles and Fog, Floating Scrap, Ship Hovering Dust, Flying Ships, Smokes, Snows, Warp Tunnel, Sky Dome, Holo Sign, Floating Rocks, etc


create your very own mini universe with this huge asset pack



  • Works in Unity 2019.4 and above
  • Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
  • Characters are setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)



Technical Information


License agreement: Standard Unity Asset Store EULA
License type: Restricted Single Entity
File size: 124.5 MB
Latest version: 1.0
Latest release date: May 11, 2021
Supported Unity versions: 2018.4.34 or higher


When Downloading our assets here at get free unity assets we operate under a NON COMMERCIAL USE purpose. So please bare this in mind when you download “POLYGON Sci-Fi Worlds“.


download POLYGON Sci-Fi Worlds

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We do hope you have some fun with the POLYGON Sci-Fi Worlds Asset Pack unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!


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