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Are you eager to create an FPS game in Unity but find the workload daunting? NeoFPS offers a comprehensive toolkit to turn your FPS dream into a reality. More than just a character controller, NeoFPS is a complete system designed to streamline the development process and elevate your FPS game to new heights.

NeoFPS isn’t just about movement and shooting mechanics—it encompasses a wide range of systems vital for crafting a polished FPS experience. From character control and weapon mechanics to in-game menus and save/load functionality, NeoFPS provides the tools you need to bring your FPS vision to life.

Key Features

NeoFPS boasts a plethora of features designed to meet the diverse needs of FPS game development:

  • Flexible & Powerful Motion Graph: Model complex FPS movement intuitively with a visual FSM editor.
  • Modular Firearms: Construct customizable firearms with interchangeable components and attachment systems.
  • Full Save System: Implement quick-save/load functionality and persist game data across scenes.
  • Custom Kinematic Character Controller: Fine-tune collision response and movement mechanics to suit your game’s needs.
  • Powerful Camera Setup: Enhance player immersion with dynamic camera effects and constraints.
  • Melee & Thrown Weapons: Integrate melee combat and throwable objects seamlessly into your gameplay.
  • Customizable Inventories: Implement various inventory styles and manage player loadouts efficiently.
  • Detailed Damage System: Create realistic damage mechanics with location-based damage and critical hits.
  • Expandable Scene Interaction: Enable player interaction with objects, doors, and environmental elements.
  • NeoFPS Editor Hub: Access essential tools and resources conveniently within Unity’s editor.
  • Game Settings & Remappable Input: Customize game settings and input controls to optimize player experience.
  • Event Based HUD: Design informative HUD elements and menus to enhance player feedback.
  • Demo Scenes & Assets: Explore feature demos and utilize demo assets to kickstart your development process.
  • Large World Support: Optimize your game for large-scale environments with built-in origin shift functionality.
  • Third-Party Asset Integrations: Seamlessly integrate popular third-party assets to enhance your game’s capabilities.
  • Extensible: Adapt NeoFPS to suit your project’s specific requirements with its flexible scripting interface.

Render Pipeline Compatibility

NeoFPS seamlessly integrates with Unity’s render pipelines, including the Built-in Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline (URP), and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). Whether you’re aiming for standard graphics or cutting-edge visuals, NeoFPS has you covered.

Unity Version Compatibility

NeoFPS supports various Unity versions, ensuring flexibility for developers across different projects and preferences.

  • Built-in
  • URP
  • HDRP
  • Additional compatibility details provided
This is a picture showing a demo map created for Neo FPS

Technical Details

  • Platforms: Targeted at standalone (PC, Mac, Linux) and console platforms.
  • Render Pipeline Support: Compatible with Unity’s render pipelines, with packages available for URP and HDRP.
  • Extensive Documentation: Access detailed documentation and tutorial videos to guide you through the development process.

Unlock the full potential of your FPS game development with NeoFPS—your ultimate toolkit for crafting immersive and engaging FPS experiences in Unity. Visit the official website for more information, playable demos, documentation, tutorials, and community support. Start building your FPS masterpiece today!

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