BIG Environment Pack Reforged Free Download

This image shows 4 demo scenes that you can create with the BIG Environment Pack Reforged Free Download

Craft, Explore, and Immerse Yourself in a Vast Universe of Handcrafted Assets

Embark on a journey of game development excellence with the BIG Environment Pack Reforged. This meticulously crafted package, made in the Built-in Render Pipeline, empowers creators with 547 game-ready prefabs, each a masterpiece in its own right. From lush greenery to majestic castles, immerse yourself in the vastness of creative possibilities.

Key Features

1. Diverse Prefabs (547):

  • Bushes, Grass, Flowers, Plants, Trees, Underbrush, Terrain Textures, Rocks & Stones, Particle FX, Buildings, and Props.
  • Handcrafted with LOD stages for optimal performance.

2. Castle Construction Kit:

  • Unleash your architectural creativity with 9 castle components, complete with LOD stages.
  • Build castles and keeps in any shape you desire.

3. Atmospheric Sounds (12):

  • Enhance the immersive experience with looped audio clips that set the mood for your virtual world.

4. Example Scenes:

  • Full Island Scene (Lod and occlusion culling)
  • Caribbean Example Scene
  • Floating Rock Example Scene

5. Texture Resolutions:

  • From 2048×2048 up to a maximum of 4096×4096, ensuring stunning visual fidelity.

6. Polycount (LOD 0):

  • Detailed polycounts for various elements, providing an optimized balance between quality and performance.

Polycounts (LOD 0) – Examples

  • Bushes: 848-3500
  • Trees: 1264-15070
  • Stones: 44-14906
  • Stone-piles: 968-13834
  • Rocks: 2882-11374
  • Ground Surfaces: 8369-15936
  • And more…

Technical Excellence

  • Designed for the Built-in Render Pipeline, offering a seamless integration into Unity projects.
  • Scene diversity caters to a range of themes, from serene islands to magical floating rocks.

Unlock the Potential Of Your Next Big Unity Game

Experience the freedom of creation as you weave intricate landscapes, construct mighty castles, and bring your virtual worlds to life. BIG Environment Pack Reforged is not just a package; it’s an invitation to unleash your imagination and create games that captivate and inspire.

This is an example 3d model setting found within this asset pack. It's a  rocky mountain with trees and a castle in the background.
Nulled BIG Environment Pack Reforged

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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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