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Embark on a journey of game design with the Dungeon Architect, a powerful tool that puts the creation of intricate dungeon layouts at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a budding designer, this free download opens the door to a world of possibilities, allowing you to craft dynamic and engaging game environments effortlessly.

Node-Based Layout Designer

With Dungeon Architect, you’re not just designing dungeons; you’re sculpting entire experiences. The node-based layout designer provides an intuitive interface for creating diverse dungeons. Define cyclic paths, implement key-lock systems, incorporate teleporters, set up shops, treasure rooms, boss encounters, and much more—all without writing a single line of code.

Cyclic Paths

Craft dungeons with dynamic, branching paths that offer players unique and unpredictable experiences. Cyclic paths allow your dungeons to evolve, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Key-Lock System

Bring a layer of strategy to your dungeons with the key-lock system. Define multiple key-locks, assign them to specific paths, and ensure that your dungeons always result in playable levels. Keep players engaged by challenging them to find the right keys for progression.

Teleporters and One-way Doors

Elevate the complexity of your dungeons with built-in support for teleporters. Integrate them seamlessly with the key-lock system, adding an extra layer of challenge. Strategically use one-way doors to control player movement and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Item Spawner and Tilemap

Utilize the theme engine to spawn a variety of items, from NPCs and treasure chests to power-ups and more. Transfer your abstract layout graph to a tilemap, providing the foundation for constructing a 3D dungeon that aligns with your creative vision.

Procedural Foliage and Noise Overlays

Enhance the aesthetics of your dungeons with procedural foliage and noise overlays. Create captivating visuals, including foliage, trees, and large cave-like rock formations. Utilize noise-based elevation systems to decorate the tiles around your dungeon dynamically.

Graph Grammar System

Step into the realm of graph grammar, allowing you to stitch together pre-built rooms based on procedural graphs. Design, visualize, and debug your graph grammars using an integrated editor, providing complete control over the layout and evolution of your dungeons.

Theme Engine

Experience a new paradigm in level design with the theme engine. The theme editor, featuring a node-based system, enables you to design the visual elements of your level effortlessly. Drop in prefabs from the asset browser, link them up, and witness your vision come to life.

Swappable Themes and Live Preview

Experiment with different themes by swapping them out effortlessly. Share and reuse theme files across projects and with team members for efficient collaboration. Enjoy a live preview of your generated dungeon in real-time, allowing you to iterate faster and increase productivity.

Diverse Generation Methods

Dungeon Architect supports various generation methods, including the Grid Flow Builder, Snap Builder, Grid Builder, Snap Grid Flow Builder, City Builder, and Mario Builder. Each method offers unique features and customization options, catering to a wide range of game genres and styles.

Download Dungeon Architect for Unity:

Embark on your creative journey now! Download Dungeon Architect for Unity and explore the limitless possibilities of procedural dungeon generation. Whether you’re building epic adventures or intricate mazes, Dungeon Architect empowers you to bring your game world to life. Get ready to design, create, and captivate players with your unique dungeons!

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