Damage Numbers Pro Free Download

Damage Numbers pro free download

Damage Number PRO is your shortcut to implementing stunning number and text popups in your Unity game. With the ability to spawn awesome popups using just 2-3 lines of code, this asset simplifies the process of providing players with visual feedback on the impact of their actions. Offering compatibility with 2D, 3D, GUI, and VR, and supporting every Unity Render Pipeline, Damage Number PRO takes your game presentation to the next level.

Key Features

Online Demo:

  • Experience the capabilities of Damage Number PRO with the Online Demo.

New in Version 4:

  • 3-4x Better Performance.
  • GUI Support (highly requested).
  • 5 Custom ASCII Fonts.
  • Several new features (see patch notes).

Universal Compatibility:

  • Compatible with 2D, 3D, GUI, and VR setups.
  • Supports every Unity Render Pipeline.
  • Playmaker, Game Creator 1 & 2 (custom actions) compatibility (optional).

Easy Implementation:

  • Implement impactful popups with just 2-3 lines of code.

Custom ASCII Fonts:

  • Enjoy 5 bonus custom ASCII fonts for unique visual styles.


  • Pooling and threading optimizations for enhanced performance.

Preset Buttons:

  • Several preset buttons for easy styling, fading, and behavior adjustments.

3D Features

  • Face Camera Feature for 3D environments.
  • Render Through Objects Feature for depth perception.
  • Consistent Screen Size Feature for uniform visibility.
  • Soft Collision Feature for spreading popups in 3D space.

Customization Options

  • Highly customizable fade-in and fade-out effects.
  • Various movement features including Lerp or Velocity Movement.
  • Follow Gameobject Feature for maintaining offsets to transforms.
  • Vibration Feature for added impact.
  • Multiple rotation and scaling options.

Advanced Features

  • Push Feature for offsetting nearby popups.
  • Combination Feature for combining and adding up popups.
  • Destruction Feature for clearing existing popups.
  • Display decimals and utilize text formatting options.
  • Clean Inspector with tooltips and hints.
  • Utilizes TextMeshPro for superior text handling.


  • Unity 2020.3 (or higher).
  • TextMeshPro (free package, installed by default).

Elevate your game’s feedback mechanism with Damage Number PRO. From easy implementation to a plethora of customization options and optimizations, this asset ensures that the visual impact of your game’s actions is nothing short of spectacular. Engage players, provide meaningful feedback, and enhance the overall gaming experience with Damage Number PRO.

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