UMA RPG Ultra Bundle Pack Free Download

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UMA RPG Ultra Bundle Pack Free Download

The UMA RPG Starter Pack is a versatile collection of assets designed for RPG (Role-Playing Game) and Medieval Fantasy environments in Unity. While originally a paid asset, it is currently available for free download.

If you have ever wanted to create your own RPG game well now you can with this amazing complete asset pack.

Key Features Of This Asset Pack

  1. Content Variety:
    • The pack includes 28+ RPG Medieval Fantasy style Armors and Outfits.
    • Designed for use with Unity Multipurpose Avatar (UMA).
    • Includes 2 UMA Face Pack and UMA Hair Pack.
  2. Interchangeable Outfits:
    • The outfits in the pack are interchangeable, offering flexibility for character customization.
  3. Comprehensive Parts:
    • General parts covered include Upperbody, Lowerbody, Gloves, Boots, Headwear, Weapons, and Accessories.
  4. Texture Sizes:
    • Maximum texture sizes:
      • Armor: 2048 x 2048
      • Body: 2048 x 2048
      • Weapons: 1024 x 2048
    • Textures include Albedo, Normal, and Metallic maps.
  5. File Types Included:
    • FBX (3D model file format)
    • Modular Slots
    • Modular Overlays
    • Modular PBR Textures
    • Generated assets
    • Help files
    • Color references
    • Skin, weapon, accessory materials

List of Included Assets:

  • M_Bod retexture vol 1
  • F_Bod retexture vol 1

Refits and Exclusives:

  • M_Cleric
  • MB1 Darkelf armor
  • FB1 Dark elf armor
  • MB1 Mage
  • FB1 Mage
  • MB1 Ranger
  • FB1 Ranger
  • MB1 Fighter
  • FB1 Fighter
  • MB1 High Elf armor
  • FB1 High Elf armor
  • MB1 Wanderer
  • FB1 Wanderer
  • MB1 Poor1
  • MB1 Poor 2
  • FB1 Poor1
  • FB1 Poor 2
  • FB1 Peasant
  • MB1 Peasant
  • MB1 Bard
  • FB1 Maiden
  • MB1 Chainmail
  • FB1 Chainmail
  • MB1 Wolf Armor
  • FB1 Wolf Armor
  • Gloves of Hammer
  • Dragon Breastplate
create your own RPG game with these free unity assets

Additional Information:

  • UMA 2.5 DCS Wardrobe files are included in this pack.
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We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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