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old dusty furniture unity asset full free download

Introducing the Old Dusty Furniture prefab asset pack for the unity game engine. If you are looking for this style of models then this is perfect for an old themed house. Perhaps a horror game or period piece? We are sure you can find

This package includes prefabs and a demo scene showcasing all of the available PBR textured models/props. These are STATIC meshes,meaning each model does not have animatable pieces and are better suited for background and environment purposes :

Full Breakdown of the items included in this unity package

Here is a full in depth detail list of what is included in the old dusty furniture unity asset pack:

-Bench:Tris- 812, 4k texture map shared
-Chair:Tris-1,600, 4k texture map shared
-Couch:Tris-1,248, 4k texture map shared
-Cabinet1:Tris- 884, 2k texture map shared
-Cabinet2:Tris-572, 2k texture map shared
-Chandelier1:Tris-12,368 , 2k texture map shared w/emiss
-WallLight:Tris-1,256 , 2k texture map shared w/emiss
-Chandelier2:Tris-3,348 , 1k texture map
-DeskClock:Tris-1068, 1k texture map
-Fireplace:Tris-2,960, 4k texture map shared w/emiss
-Piano&Seat:Tris-2,964, 4k texture map shared
-Lamp:Tris-829, 2k texture map shared w/emiss
-StandingLamp:Tris-1088, 2k texture map shared w/emiss
-OldClock:Tris-3,651, 2k texture map
-Table:Tris- 960, 2k texture map shared
-RoundTable:Tris- 884, 2k texture map shared
-ShelfUnit:Tris- 628, 4k texture map shared
-Books:Tris- 556 total(each book 36 tris), 4k texture map shared

Bonus Item Included
-Woodfloor Material: 2k texture (tileable)

As you can see this is plenty of prefab models for you to choose from to create the perfect demo level for your game.

Technical Information

License agreement: Standard Unity Asset Store EULA
License type: Single Entity
File size: 219.1 MB
Latest version: 1.1
Latest release date: Apr 16, 2019
Supported Unity versions: 2018.3.12 or higher

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Nulled Dusty Furniture

We do hope you have some fun with the Old Dusty Furniture unity package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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