Modern Loft Full Pack Free Download

Full Asset Pack Modern Loft Full Pack: “Hazelwood Loft” Full Free Download For Unity

Modern Loft Full Pack Free Download

Introducing the Modern Loft pack. This is an asset pack that has been created to look realistic in nature. It can be implemented into a wide range of uses. It shows the way that the unity engine can be used to create such stunning visuals.

So if you are struggling to get hold of an asset pack to create a small demo scene, well we believe the modern loft asset pack is the perfect solution.

Modern Loft Asset Pack Full Contents

  • A photo-realistic and modern penthouse.
  • Includes all furniture and the surrounding city.
  • Highly optimized low-poly and realistic assets.
  • Ready for Oculus, GearVR, Vive, Daydream.
  • Suitable for low and high-end mobile devices.
  • Over 400 different assets included.
  • The entire pack is under 115,000 triangles.
  • Offers 2 different settings: day time and night time.
  • Inspired by modern architecture and design.
  • Exceptional attention to lighting and detail.
  • Comes with 4K skyboxes: clear day, cloudy day, sunset, midnight, dawn.
  • Day and night skyboxes match seamlessly, window for window.
  • Original 8K Photoshop source file with layers included.
  • Includes a highly optimized city pack with PBR materials.

Content in “Hazelwood Loft” Full-Pack

  • A wide range of different materials simulating real-world physical surfaces.
  • High-quality skyboxes painted by a professional matte painter.
  • 4K skybox resolutions inside Unity (8192 x 4096 pixels), which is the maximum resolution.
  • Hero assets come with high-resolution versions.
  • A total of 80 textures, including materials, cubemaps, lightmaps, and effects textures.
  • 2 different sets of day and night lightmaps.
  • Various cubemaps used for the materials, including day and night versions.
  • 8K original PSD source file, including all skybox layers for maximum control and customization (16384×8192 pixels).
  • Skybox day layers: sky, clouds, smog, fog, sun spot, sun halo, city, and mountains.
  • Skybox night layers: sky, clouds, moon, stars, fog, city and mountains, city lights, city glow.
  • 32-bit day skyboxes and 16-bit night skyboxes.
  • Realistic lighting baked externally in “Mental Ray,” used in film production.
  • Lighting should be redone in Unity if significant alterations to the scene are needed.
  • Highly optimized assets running smoothly at 30 FPS, even on low-end mobile devices.
  • Realistic animated curtains simulating a gentle breeze blowing through the loft.
  • A realistic animated flock of birds that flies seamlessly through the city.
  • Includes a city pack with 36 different models of modern buildings and skyscrapers.
  • Each of them has 3 variants, totaling 100 different structures.
  • Highly optimized low-poly and realistic urban buildings and skyscrapers.
  • When lined up, they cover a distance of 7 km.
  • A set of building rooftop structures.
  • Very modular models that can be combined in various ways.
  • A photorealistic and dynamic sun flare.
  • An animated jet plane flying in the horizon, with day and night versions.
  • Photoreal light flares for light spots.
  • 2 seamless “3D ambient sounds,” one for a day and one for a night atmosphere.
  • A “First Person Controller” prefab that allows free navigation of the space.
realistic unity asset hazelwood loft

Please note that all assets have their second UV channel efficiently and manually unwrapped. Each section of the loft can be purchased alone and combined with other adjacent ones. Each section of the pack comes in two different disposition scenes: one example scene and one with all items lined up side by side.

as you can see this asset pack contains enough items for you to get started creating some really good content.

Nulled Modern Loft Full Pack

We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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