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Character Portraits Pack 8 Free Download

Free Download Character Portraits Pack 8

Large Collection of Character Portraits


Character Portraits Pack 8 full complete download ai created portraits


Introducing the AI Generated Character Portraits pack. This pack contains over 1,000 AI generated portraits in many, many, many styles, created over hundreds of hours taming the AI system to create these pieces of artwork. This package contains over 1300 character portraits creating using a unique AI process that combines images together.

Contents of this Unity Asset Pack

A full breakdown of the contents found within this Character portrait pack.

  • Set 83 – 146 portraits
  • Set 84 – 71 portraits
  • Set 85 – 156 portraits
  • Set 86 – 59 portraits
  • Set 87 – 75 portraits
  • Set 88- 128 portraits
  • Set 89 – 76 portraits
  • Set 90 – 164 portraits
  • Set 91 – 239 portraits
  • Set 92 – 221 portraits
  • Bonus portraits

Please note that each image in this collection is 1600×1600, and is present as a Sprite at 1024 resolution. Making it perfect for portrait icons.


custom made ai portraits for unity


Technical Information


License agreement: Standard Unity Asset Store EULA
License type: Single Entity
File size: 840.9 MB
Latest version: 1.0
Latest release date: Jul 22, 2020
Supported Unity versions: 2018.4.15 or higher



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Download Character Portraits Pack 8

Nulled Character Portraits 8 pack

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We do hope you have some fun with the Character Portraits Pack 8 package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!


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