How to Download CyberPunk City. VR and Mobile asset

CyberPunk City. VR and Mobile Download

Create A CyberPunk City that Works with VR and Mobile

Use this futuristic Environment Pack


How to Download CyberPunk City. VR and Mobile asset


If you are new to creating games and would love to try your hands on making a Cyber Punk Style game then we might just have the perfect solution for your problem. Check out the CyberPunk City VR and Mobile Pack.

This asset pack has been designed to work out of the box with VR and Mobile projects. Perfect for those looking who are looking to dip their toes in mobile and VR gaming.


Built to be low poly and modular!


Create your own cyber punk city


This CyberPunk City asset pack has been configures to work in a modular way making it easily possible to create an entire city. Modular basically means building block. Drag and drop the asset items into your game. Each asset also comes with it’s very own collider, so you do not need to fiddle around with creating collision boxes (One less job for you!).

There are plenty of assets to chose from like backgrounds, skyscrapers, flooring and lights! The good thing about this pack is that it’s low poly (Average poly count is 4 – 10 polygons) this makes it less of a resource hog when running on VR or Mobile devices.


So what are the contents of this asset pack?


How to create mobile and VR Games


In this CyberPunk City. VR and Mobile Download Environment asset pack you will find the following:

  • 4 Atlas Textures with a resolution of 2048 x 2048
  • 111 Prefab items

This gives you plenty of objects to play around with to create your basic game. Heck you could clone some of the buildings and make an entire city or just scale it down and create scenes for your game i.e. a block of flats or a small back alley. The choice is all yours, it’s your game after all!


Please remember that all assets found on get free unity assets are for non commercial use only, we are here to help aspiring game artists and designers show case their work and teach them how to create amazing games in the process. If you would like to download the CyberPunk City. VR and Mobile asset pack then you can check out the links below.


Download the latest version of CyberPunk City. VR and mobile asset for unity


Nulled CyberPunk City VR and Mobile Pack.

if the above link does not work try here.


As usual we do hope you enjoy our free unity assets and as always why not show us your latest work on our socials, we love to see new game designers and the work they create!

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