Forest Environment Dynamic Nature Free Download

Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature Free Download for unity

Create an amazing forest scene for your unity game

get hold of Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature free for unity

This package is a winner of the Unity Awards 2019 in Best Artistic Content at Asset Store. Massive forest and meadow library of 100% photo-scanned assets, shaders, carefully optimized, atlased, LOD’ed


Introducing the Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature. This pack is the winner as best artistic content at Asset Store – Unity Awards 2019.

Pack support unity:

  • Unity 2018.3+
  • New Unity Terrain 2018.3+ Support
  • Unity 2019+
  • Unity 2020+
  • Unity 2021+
  • Unity 2022+
  • Unity 2019.1 HD RP 5.7+
  • Unity 2019.1 LW RP 5.7+
  • Unity 2019.2 HD RP 6.9+
  • Unity 2019.2 LW RP 6.9+
  • Unity 2019.3 HD RP 7.18+
  • Unity 2019.3 URP 7.18+
  • Unity 2019.3 URP 7.2+
  • Unity 2019.3 HD RP 7.2+
  • Unity 2019.4 LTS HD RP
  • Unity 2019.4 LTS URP
  • Unity 2020.1+ HD RP 8.2+
  • Unity 2020.1+ URP 8.2+
  • Unity 2020.2+ HD RP 10.2+
  • Unity 2020.2+ URP 10.2+
  • Unity 2020.3+ LTS HD RP 10.3+
  • Unity 2020.3+ LTS URP 10.3+
  • Unity 2020.3+ LTS HD RP 10.7+
  • Unity 2020.3+ LTS URP 10.7+
  • Unity 2021.1+ HD RP 11.0+
  • Unity 2021.1+ URP 11.0+
  • Unity 2021.2+ HD RP 12.1+
  • Unity 2021.2+ URP 12.1+
  • Unity 2021.3+ LTS HD RP 12.1+
  • Unity 2021.3+ LTS URP 12.1+
  • Unity 2022.1+ HD RP 13.1+
  • Unity 2022.1+ URP 13.1+
  • RTX support for HD RP 2020.1+
  • VS PRO at Standard, HD and URP support for 7.2+
  • SRP Batcher support Unity 2019.2+, 2019.3+ LW, URP and HD RP
  • DOTS instancing support

To run HD or , URP, LW RP please import pack to HD or URP, LW RP project and then import support pack which is inside the asset in “HD and LW RP support” folder or for unity 2019.3+ “HD and URP support”. It will replace shaders, prefabs, and meshes so they will work with RP out of the box. Please also check the readme files inside that folder.

We mark screens HD RP and NON HD RP screens.

This pack is:

  • Huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, atlased, LOD’ed;
  • Group of shaders which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow, if you want to use them;
  • Forest environment with small meadow;
  • All shaders are shared between our all assets;
  • All demo files from video are included in asset;
  • Demo scene and pre-defined biomes for Vegetation Studio PRO ;
  • Pack contain water – non tesseled TRIAL from our R.A.M 2019 asset;
  • In our pack you will find 5 aspects (artistic content, shaders, tools, support files):

1) Artistic content:

  • 10 bushes with LOD’s;
  • 14 rocks with LOD’s in 28 prefabs, normal and top covered by leaves or any other texture;
  • 29 grass and plants objects and prefabs with LOD’s;
  • 29 grass and plants prefabs for unity terrain;
  • 16 mushrooms with LOD’s;
  • 37 objects like a branch, stump, trunk, slope, log and detail stones, all with LOD’s in 92 prefabs, uncovered, covered by: leaves, moss, sand;
  • 64 Ground textures in 14 sets all of them contain albedo/smoothness, ao, heightmap, normalmap, MT/AO/H/SM;
  • In ground textures you will find: moss, leaves, plants, soil, wet soil, roots, rocks, cliff, sand, grass, stones,;
  • 42 wooden constructor kit prefabs and 4 bridge prefabs with LOD’s;
  • 3 stair steps with LOD’s;;
  • 20 road textures in 4 sets perfect for our R.A.M system to build your road;
  • Road profile for R.A.M 2019;
  • Leaves, dust, waterfall particles;
  • Branches, leaves, moss detail objects with LOD’s;
  • Vegetation Studio Tree prefabs;
  • 13 optimized beech trees with LOD’s and cross as last LOD;
  • Trees are in types: plants, small tree, standalone tree, forest tree, dead tree;
  • Tree triangles specification below;
  • All textures contain:Albedo, Normalmap, Metallic, Height, AO, Smoothness;
  • Non tesseled river, lake, swamp water trial from River Auto Material 2019 asset;
  • HD and URP, LW RP and Standard demo scenes;
  • HD RP demo from video;

2) Shaders:

  • All shaders support vegetation studio instanced indirect out of the box;
  • 3 grass shader :lite, standard, specular;
  • 4 standard shaders with auto texture cover by mask or by top (terrain blend);
  • 1 cross shaders as last tree LOD
  • bark and leaves shaders with metallic/specular variants;
  • SRP Batcher support Unity 2019.2+ LW, URP AND HD RP;
  • DOTS instancing support;
  • automatic wetness support for HD and URP, LW RP 2019.2+ when object touches river auto material water surface;

3) Ported wind shading from HD SRP:

  • Advanced and cheap in rendering wind shading;
  • Wind will be shared between our all assets;
  • Wind works 1:1 like in HD SRP;
  • Wind manages grass colors and normals;

4) Tools and Scripts:

  • HD SRP ported wind to lower unity versions;

5) Additional support files:

  • Post process stack profiles;
  • R.A.M road profile;
  • LW, URP and HD RP unity support packages.

example of the type of forest environment you can create using this game asset

When Downloading our assets here at get free unity assets we operate under a NON COMMERCIAL USE purpose. So please bare this in mind when you download “Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature“.

Nulled Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature

We do hope you have some fun with this unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!

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