CB Sci-Fi Gun Pack Low-poly 3D model Complete

Download CB Sci-Fi Gun Pack

Complete Low-poly 3D model Pack FREE for Unity

CB Sci-Fi Gun Pack Low-poly 3D model Complete

Introducing the CB Sci-fi Gun pack, this is a low poly 3D model package that is perfect for users wanting to import 3D models of guns into their game with very little effort. Perfect as a place holder whistle you develop you game or as a permanent solution for your low poly style 3D FPS.

If you are a fan of stylized games, then low poly is the 3D models that you will want to take a look at. Stylized normally uses low-poly models because it gives that blocky style that is required when creating stylized games. This is where the CB Sci-Fi gun pack download for unity comes in great use. If you are struggling to create guns for your next game creation then why not use this pack as a placeholder, who knows it might become part of the end product. These are great for adding to cyber style games.

Features of this Low-Poly 3D Model Gun pack

  • Optimized content ready for use with low and high end mobile devices, making this a great asset to have if you are considering creating a stylized mobile first person shooter style game. Check out this vr style game.
  • The perfect solution for stylized projects that require gun models
  • Can be used with the following camera styles: First person, Top down and even isometric.
How to download the Sci-Fi Gun Pack Complete Low-poly 3D model


That’s right plenty of funs to choose from with 33 Models to choose from with prefabs and variations! Here is a list of the guns you can choose from: Sub Machine Gun, Pistol, DMR, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Assault rifle, Grenades, Shotgun and even some Attachments for guns. Comes with 3 Materials with a 2k PNG gradient texture.

We know this post is short and sweet, that’s because it’s just GUNS! Not much to say, just grab yourself some low poly guns for your next game project! You can add these guns to your very own unique 3d models.

attachment for the Sci-Fi Gun Pack

Why Should I Download The CB Sci-FI Gun Low-Poly Pack

Well let’s be brutally honest here. Not everyone is an expert 3D modeller. If you struggle to create 3D assets these free unity assets are perfect for you.

You don’t need to learn a wide range of new skills, not when you should be cerating the gamees you love your way. So if you are looking for free 3D gun models for your next untiy game. Then why not check out this free unity asset.

This unity asset is perfect for making low poly FPS style games. You can even use this model pack in engines like the Horror FPS kit or perhaps the top down engine. Why would you want to slow down your creativity?

You can download the CB Sci-Fi Gun Pack Low-poly 3D model Complete for free as a non commercial licence you can check out the download below

download CB Sci-Fi Gun Pack Complete FREE for Unity

Nulled CB scifi model gun pack

We hope you enjoy this Sci-Fi model gun pack and we would love for you to show us if you have used this pack in your latest project! If you like these guns then why not check out our weapons section over here!

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