InfiniCLOUD create amazing clouds with this great asset

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This unity asset allows you to paint your own scenery


InfiniCLOUD create amazing clouds with this great asset


InfiniCLOUD HDRP is a volumetric clouds system for the new Scriptable Render Pipelines in Unity, with focus on HDRP pipeline and URP version available. The effect is globally compatible with all platforms and Scriptable Rendering Pipelines (SRPs) and supports both desktop and mobile platforms.



  • Volumetric clouds that can be used in HDRP and LWRP (or URP)
  • Volumetric ground fog or top down view clouds using the system in below camera mode
  • Dual layer possibility for up and down clouds
  • Rainbow shader
  • Volumetric lit particles module, for effects like smoke and round planet clouds
  • Lightning system, with randomized lightning spawn, target definition for strikes and lightning on clouds

Please note that the focus of the system is desktop development, since volumetric effects are generally heavy for mobile development and should be considered only for latest mobile phones that may handle them well.

The URP version is included in the ARTnGAME folder, make sure to erase all other HDRP project items and install this one for URP usage.


example of infinicloud working


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