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Polygon City Free Download

Free Download Polygon City Unity Asset

Create your very own low poly, stylized City


get hold of the polygon city asset pack full free download for unity


Get hold of the Polygon city download by Synty Studios™ A low poly asset pack of characters, buildings, props, vehicles and environment assets to create a city based polygonal style game.

Key Features

– 331 Assets included in this pack

– Demo scene included

– Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations

– Alternative texture colors

– Includes Collision




With this asset pack you can expect to see the following: Modular Vintage Office Buildings, Modular Modern Office Buildings, Modular Apartment Set, Modular Road Set, Modular Shop Fronts, Modular Park Set, Station building, City hall, Large prop signs x17, Shop interior props x10, Billboards + Signs x33, Subway Entrances x 2, Traffic light props x8, Trees x3, Modular vents x7, Modular pipes x9, Aircon Units x4, Security cameras x2, Trash bins / bags x7, BusStop, Fire Escape Stairs x3, Rooftop Access, Shop Covers x 5, Bridge Road


Characters (x30)

– Male Police Officer, Female Police Officer, Businessman, Male Shirt Businessman, Business Woman, Male With Hoodie, Male With Jacket, Female With Jacket and a Female with Coat


Vehicles (x8)

– Ambulance, Police Car, Taxi, Sedan, Small Smart Car, Medium 4×4 Car, Van, and Muscle Car



– Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP)

– Characters are setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)

– Free Mixamo animations can be used on our characters


examples models of the polygon city asset pack


Technical Information


License agreement: Standard Unity Asset Store EULA
License type: Restricted Single Entity
File size: 15.5 MB
Latest version: 1.5
Latest release date: Jul 20, 2022
Supported Unity versions: 2017.1.0 or higher


When Downloading our assets here at get free unity assets we operate under a NON COMMERCIAL USE purpose. So please bare this in mind when you download “Polygon City“.


download Polygon City

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We do hope you have some fun with the Polygon City Asset Pack unity asset package and as always don’t forget to show us your completed projects!


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